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Wyvacon Weekend

This weekend’s Wyvacon schedule looks pretty exciting. I know I’m looking forward to a good time.

Bonus — Wyvacon has said that anyone under the age of 16 gets in for free with one adult paid admission. So if you pay for your ticket, your three kids get in for free. It’s that family-friendly.

It’s Wyvacon Weekend!


10:00AMBreakout Room 1/2 — Kickoff w/ GoH Jason Cordova: We’re going to be just kicking things off here. No idea what we’ll talk about. Basically, I’m just going to be wishing everyone a great time while letting the Board of Directors welcome everyone.

11:00AMBreakout Room 1/2 — Mad Libs with Jason Cordova: Mad Libs are always fun. Since I’m keeping this PG-13 at the most, we’re going to be doing some creative things. Who knows? We could even build up a plot for a book!

3:00PMBreakout Room 1/2 — Four Horsemen Awesomeness with Jason Cordova: What’s the Four Horsemen Universe (4HU), you ask? It’s only one of the hottest properties in publishing at the moment, with almost 70 books in print from 20+ authors and no signs of slowing down. It’s on Kindle Unlimited as well, so you can read all of them on KU for free.

Cards Against Humanity at the pub with Jason Cordova (Guest Judge). I think this starts at 7pm at 7 Dogs Brewpub in Wytheville. 18+ please. I may or may not be impartial during the judging period.


11:00AMBreakout Room 1/2 — Future projects with Jason Cordova: This is probably going to be a good one. I’ve got SO MANY FREAKING PROJECTS right now that we’ll have no problems with filling up the entire hour with what the heck I’ll be doing next. From 4HU books to Kin Wars to Monster Hunter Memoirs, we’ll be covering quite a bit.

12:00PMBreakout Room 1/2 — Mad Libs with Jason Cordova: I’m totally going to hijack this panel and talk to new and aspiring authors who want to get into the business but can never seem to get past the “gatekeepers”, including a huge push for my publishers on how to get in with them. Yes, spreading insider information on how to get published is my jam.

1:00PMBreakout Room 1/2 — Nerf Fun: I get to shoot people? AWESOME! I promise not to dance over your corpse like in GTA V.

2:00PMBreakout Room 1/2 Closing Remarks with Jason Cordova: We won’t be getting together and singing kumbaya, but at least we’ll get to talk about how AWESOME Wyvacon was and talk about what’s going to happen next year (hint: I won’t be the GoH but I will be attending. They can’t get rid of me that easily. Cordova in Spanish means fungus. Really).

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Release Day

Yeah, I don’t normally see a book release on a Monday, but this is a special case. Today, the Salvage Universe anthology, IT TAKES ALL KINDS, was released into the wild. Created by Kevin Steverson, the first three books (SALVAGE TITLE, SALVAGE FLEET, and SALVAGE SYSTEM) have been optioned for a movie already and is already generating buzz.

Here’s a list of all the authors involved.

  • Kevin Steverson
  • William Webb
  • Alex Rath
  • Quincy J. Allen
  • Marisa Wolf
  • Chris Woods
  • Rob Howell
  • Ian Malone
  • Tim C. Taylor
  • Melissa Olthoff
  • Mark Stallings
  • Robert E. Hampson
  • Jason Cordova
  • Benjamin Tyler Smith

It’s my first foray into the Salvage Universe and I had a lot of fun writing my story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Pick up a copy today.

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Release Updates

The release date was bumped up for “IT TAKES ALL KINDS“, an anthology set in Kevin Steverson’s Salvage Universe. It’s now coming out on September 13. I’ll have a link up once it goes live. I have a short story in this titled “A Most Dangerous Game.” Fun little short story of “who’s the best killer?”

I should have my panel schedule for Wyvacon up by Monday. I don’t know precisely what they are just yet, but I do know I’ll be on three panels Saturday and three on Sunday, plus my judging the Cards Against Humanity game on Saturday night. Between those times I’ll be around slinging books for those who want to buy them. I’ll also have a few challenge coins with me for sale as well.

Wyvacon will also be my final convention of 2021. Usually Dragoncon is my last but due to the unnamed virus of unspecified origins Wyvacon was bumped back to September. Hey, fine by me. Cooler weather is always best.

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Book Cover Reveal

WINTERBORN, Book 1 of the Kin Wars Legacy (but Book 5 in the Kin Wars Universe), by NTLT Productions. This cover is noice!

WINTERBORN will be released on November 9, 2021.

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#LionWatch Contest

Coming July 10, 2020 from Seventh Seal Press

I meant to post this a few days ago but I decided to hold off until today because we’re just over 30 days away from the release of “DAUGHTER OF THE PRIDE” (July 10), the followup novel to the 2019 Dragon Award Finalist “SONS OF THE LION“.

Last year I ran a competition called the #LionWatch, where you basically tagged me on social media (@warpcordova on both Twitter and Instagram) with the #LionWatch, a picture of a lion of some sort that you took (yes, your house lion counted) and the #SotL #4HU tags were also included. It went over really well and quite a few people won free audio books, challenge coins, print books, and one person is a POV character now in the Kin Wars series since he won the grand prize.

This year we’re doing it again because I have all these challenge coins, and I want to give away 10 of them. The Kakata Korps challenge coins are waiting for you to accept the #LionWatch challenge. Are you up for it?
I know I’m looking forward to giving these away. So here are the rules:

1. The hashtags must have #4HU, #LionWatch, and #DotP (for Daughter of the Pride) in the post. You also should tag @warpcordova on other social media so I can see it. I use the same name across multiple platforms for ease.

2. The picture of your lion must have been taken by you. That being said, get creative with your lion. Last year someone had their toddler dressed up as a lion. The grand prize winner had a video of his house lion trying to steal his breakfast. Another person had a picture of a statue lion guarding a house. All had the hashtags, all were entrants, and I think all of these people won a prize of some sort.

3. You can enter as many times as you like. There are no limits to your entries, but you can only win one coin. If you won a coin last year, you’re still eligible this year. New book, new contest. All winners will be announced July 9 at 7:00PM Eastern when I do a Facebook Live, and I will post the names of the winners as well soon after here in case you missed it. Make sure you contact me to confirm acceptance of your prize!

4. All entrants will be added to the list of potential redshirts for use in either the Kin Wars or another series. I’d use it in the Sunshine arc but she’s not anywhere near Earth at the moment and won’t head that way for a long, long time.

5. Grand Prize Winner: I debated doing this again but realized I couldn’t really work in another main POV character in the Kin Wars, so I’m open to suggestions here. Last year the GP winner received a free print copy of every book I’d written, challenge coin, POV character, and other stuff. This year’s GP winner will definitely receive a challenge coin, and print copies of both DAUGHTER OF THE PRIDE and SONS OF THE LION.

In addition, thanks to the amazing generosity of Richard Waters at Kay’s Log Cabin, the GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a free 3 day, 2 night stay at this amazing AirBnB in Riverton, Illinois, where you get to stay and enjoy your book reading in the rustic countryside. Enjoy the amazing views of the pond while sipping your sweet tea or better yet, ask about the bar in the cabin. You heard that right. THE BAR IN THE CABIN.

This does not cover travel expenses or food, merely the stay at the cabin itself. But hey, wanna get away for cheap? This is the perfect opportunity to sit back, enjoy nature, and read a book.

Here’s a link to the cabin so you can get a feel what it’s like. I’m tempted to book a weekend myself just so I can get some writing done!

So what say you? Who’s up for a new #LionWatch?

#4HU #SotL #LionWatch
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5 (More) Authors You Should Be Reading

Yesterday’s post was actually quite the hit, though you can imagine just how many people responded to me privately with “why wasn’t so-and-so on the list?” Plus, nobody got mad at me about the clickbait headline. Go me!

(editor’s note: if you’re going to steal this list, please acknowledge where it came from. I appreciate it)

So today I’m continuing the list. Good news: every single one of these authors is currently sitting on one of my bookshelves in my office. Bad news: you’re…. going to have to buy more books? Is that bad news? I’m not sure.

(No, it’s never bad news when you have to buy more books. What a stupid question, even for me)

(people who receive this by email. I know the countdown appeared messed up on the email, counting down from 5 to 9. On the website it appears correct but since I’m going to make sure everyone sees the same thing, we’re going to count up today)

  1. Christopher Ruocchio: undefinedChristopher Ruocchio is probably one of the best new authors out there that you haven’t heard of. He’s active on social media (meaning he responds to questions and comments more often than not) and he’s a pretty good guy to boot. His Sun Eater series is already being hailed as a modern-day masterpiece, and given his relative youth (I think he’s in his mid-20’s), this burgeoning star has a long career ahead of him. Really, read the first book of this series (Empire of Silence) and tell me this isn’t the best science fiction work you’ve read in recent memory. I dare you.
  2. DJ Butler: undefinedDJ Butler is kinda new as well, but you wouldn’t tell from his writing. If science fiction isn’t really your thing, then Butler’s historical urban fantasy The Witchy Eye series might be more to your liking. Anyone who can write about Appalachia and not make it nothing more than an homage to “Deliverance” gets a bonus point in my book. There are three in the series right now and I’ve enjoyed them all. Throw in Butler’s unique and refreshing writing style and you’ll never be short of entertained.
  3. Alison Weir: undefinedAh, now onto the non-fiction side of things. Alison Weir’s The Wars of the Roses is enough to get her a spot on this list alone. She seems to be one of the authorities on the Tudor Dynasty in English history, and her work typically revolves around Henry VIII and his many wives. Weir is one of those authors who knows how to make history not boring in her writing style. As a historian, I know how hard this can be. Her style is engaging and the overall pacing is good. I haven’t read her historical fiction books, but if they’re anything like her non-fiction work then they should be enjoyable.
  4. Kacey Ezell: undefinedKacey Ezell is perhaps one of the most gut-punching authors out there when it comes to her writing. She can take a monster and make them likable, make the reader want them to survive and thrive despite the reputation of said monster. She made me cry over a murderous spider the size of a Volkswagen, damn it. She is also an amazing alternate history author whose series The Psyche of War had two separate Dragon Award finalists for Best Alternate History (Minds of Men and The World Asunder). She is also an active duty US Air Force pilot who flies helicopters, which means you know her aircraft scenes in anything she writes is going to be realistic and top-notch.
  5. Sarah A. Hoyt: Sarah A. Hoyt has written so many books over the years that it always shocks me when someone hasn’t heard of her yet. From historical romance (written as Sarah d’Almeida) to science fiction, space opera, urban fantasy, and everything else she feels like, Sarah is one of the best writers you should be reading right now. Her works have won multiple awards (if that’s your thing) and she also has at least one New York Times Bestselling book to her credit. For me, it’s her ability to write badass female characters while making believable action scenes which draws me to her writing. If you want somewhere to start, for science fiction fans I’d recommend Darkship Thieves. Urban fantasy fans should check out Draw One in the Dark. Both are very good, and both have everything a reader could hope for.

I hope this list is helpful and introduces you to new authors you might never have heard of. I was also informed that I should tell people to check my stuff out as well but I assume, since you’re here, you already know who I am and what I do.

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5 Authors You Should Be Reading Right Now

Ugh, that is such a clickbaity headline, I’m tempted to change it before I hit “publish”. If it still says “5 Authors You Should Be Reading Right Now” then congratulations, you’ve seen that my trollishness outweighs my maturity level by a factor of ten.

A few on this list are brand new. Others have been around for awhile. I’ve been working on this list for a few weeks because I’ve been slacking on my own productivity (I usually average 3,000 words written per day… lately, it’s only been 1,200). I’ve had others weigh in on the list and offer a suggestion or two, one of which I took and read. I’m so glad I can read a book in two hours. This would have been a mess otherwise.

  1. Mark Wandrey: undefined(co-creator of the Four Horsemen Universe): First off, ignore the murder hobo appearance for the sake of a quality story. Mark is a rising star in the military science fiction genre, as well as horror, and is a 4-time Dragon Award finalist. He’s best known for his hugely popular Four Horsemen Universe, of which I am an author in (because Mark is nice and let’s weirdos like me write in his creation). He’s also written a different science fiction series called Earth Song, and a zombie apocalypse series called The Turning Point. His storytelling style is unique and sets him apart from everyone else on this list. If you like fast-paced action and characters who are a little more like you and a little less Duke Nukem, you should give him a try.
  2. M. A. Rothman: undefinedMichael Rothman, better known as M. A. Rothman, is one of those authors who writes in every single genre out there it seems. He’s done techno-thrillers, science fiction, military science fiction, YA novels, just to name a few. I know him best as the creator of the Levi Yoder thriller series but others have sung high praise for his SF series, The Exodus. He’s also a USA Today bestselling author, and you’ve probably never heard of him. He is part of the reason why I’m doing this list. Personally, I would recommend starting with the Levi Yoder series and go from there.
  3. Maurice Broaddus: undefinedMaurice Broaddus is the author of the amazing urban retelling of the King Arthur series, The Knights of Breton Court. I stumbled on this series way back in 2011 after attending a science fiction convention and ending up at the same room party as Maurice. He was a great guy and terrific storyteller. The first book, King Maker, is one of those times when I stopped and said, “I wish I’d written that!” He’s done a lot of urban fantasy, and even some steampunk (Pimp My Airship is one of the greatest novel titles ever). Be warned, though: the realism he puts in his books (not gore, but just the “feel”) might be off-putting to some with weakened constitutions. He doesn’t hold anything back in his writing, which gives his story a very real feel to it while dragging you on a wondrous joy ride.
  4. Wendie Nordgren: undefinedWendie is a new author for me, having stumbled upon her by the recommendation of another author. Having done so, I’m glad I was pointed in that direction. Her SF series The Space Merchant could be argued that it’s more of a science fiction romance mashup but her storytelling ability supersedes both genres. My only complaint with regards to her style is the verbiage and word usage. She expounds needlessly with a lot of words (a good editor would help cut this back some), but then again, she was an English teacher, which means she probably has an M.A. in English, so I can forgive this. Hey, I have a history degree and if you’ve read my books, you know I like to show it off with random references throughout my novels. As for The Space Merchant series, if you like a slow-burn of a series which gets better the more the author gets her feet under her, then you’re definitely in for a treat.
  5. Charles E. Gannon: undefined“Chuck” to just about everyone who has ever met him, this author is just one of those tremendous talents whose books will live on long past when he quits writing, discussed and talked about even when his grandchildren are old. He’s a modern-day renaissance man in his style of writing, able to pull any and all readers into the novel in question. He can write a bang-up action-filled SF novel, a slow-paced alternate history piece, and a horror-filled zombie apocalypse novel without losing any of his skill or voice in the process. His “best” series, for me at least, is the Caine Riordan series. Others will naturally argue and say his collaboration with Steve White for the Starfire series is his best work. A Fulbright Scholar and multiple award winning author, Chuck is the epitome of an author you should be reading at this moment.
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Another Book Release Day

These things are coming at us almost every week now it seems. Best part? This isn’t the last book release for me this month. But I’m not worried about what’s coming out Jan 21, no. I’m celebrating the release of GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY, co-authored with the amazing Jamie Ibson. It’s Book 2 of the Four Horsemen Saga story arc, which right now features a giant Oogar Peacemaker named Hr’ent and his journey to become a legendary Enforcer. Quite by accident, but I believe a few other Four Horsemen novels I am writing will fall in this branch as well.

It’s awesome the book is out. It’s amazing and Jamie and I are really proud of it.

Go pick up your copy today! Share with your friends! Tell grandma she needs to buy her book club this book!

Blog Update


Only two more days until the FREEHOLD: RESISTANCE anthology comes out. I’m super stoked about this one, since my story “The Prayer Wheel”, is possibly one of my favorite short stories I’ve ever written. I also signed a contract to be in the next Freehold Universe anthology, tentatively titled FREEHOLD: DEFIANCE. I have one short story in this one (so far), co-authored with J. F. Holmes and is titled “Semper Malevolem” (aka always grumpy). We wrote it over a weekend and it is utterly hilarious. Think “Grumpy Old Men” meets “Sniper”.

I mentioned above that I have one short story in the next anthology “so far”. This is because I proposed a second story to Mike about a UN squadron pretty much called “Doctrine Boys”. I think he liked it but I need to write it just to be sure. However, given how much I have on my plate at the moment (but really, when do I not have too much on my plate?), I might not get around to it in time. I still have my novella for the Sha’Daa to complete (it’s almost there), as well as my epic fantasy series to write (which is already started, yay!), so I’ll try my best to work it into the schedule.

2020 looks very promising so far. I’ve got GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY coming out Jan 3. SHA’DAA: ZOMBIE PARK coming out around June or July, with WINTERBORN coming out around the same time (more than likely). After that it’s another 4HU novel, then… I don’t know. Thinking too far out gets one into trouble when planning your writing schedule.

Blog Update

Book Cover Reveal

I’ve been having a lot of these this year, courtesy of producing a LOT of written material.

GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY will be out on Jan 3, 2020. Co-authored with the always entertaining Jamie Ibson, here is the cover as well as the entire cover art wrap (for the print editions).

The pirate kitty skull in the background was pretty much my only request for this cover. 😀

Blog Update

Release Date Confirmed

I was informed the release date for my next novel published by Seventh Seal Press (an imprint of Chris Kennedy Publishing) will be released Jan 3, 2020. That’s right, Jamie and I have the first book coming out in 2020. We’re extremely excited about the potential of GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY and what it means to the overarching Four Horsemen Universe plot, since this explains one of the bigger mysteries set in the universe as well as lays down the foundation for future events.

I’ve also seen the cover but can’t share that yet. Once I can, you know it’ll be up here.

Mark it on your calendars. January 3, 2020. Pick up your copy of GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY then, and don’t forget to leave a review after you’re finished with it.

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Name of the Game?

I just got back from Colorado yesterday and I’m still beat, so I’ll make this brief. I might put up a full-on AAR about the Colorado trip but then, it was pretty boring. The train trip was… interesting, to say the least, Patchouli Rod, you shall live on forever in infamy.

Two new anthology invites accepted, co-authoring one short story with my quasi-adoptive Portuguese mother (I’m not exactly sure who adopted who here) and the other is a continuation edited by another co-author.

GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY is on the last home stretch. I say this because it has officially passed the halfway point. Once I hit this, the book is as good as done. Jamie is a little nervous since I’m cackling gleefully and preparing for 8-10k word days.

After that, my baby kaiju kids book will be finished and come out in time for Christmas this year. Really looking forward to this one. It’s tentatively titled THE CHRISTMAS SURPRISE right now, though that could change. Once those two are done, I have a HUGE book project to finish before I delve back into the Kin Wars Saga. Yes, I said I’d have the next one in the series done this year, but life sometimes kicks you square in the face and says “Not today.”

Nonetheless, WINTERBORN will be turned in soon enough. This should put me into… March 2020? I have a second book following up GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY (okay, it’s more along the lines of a parallel novel) which is outlined and started. No title yet, but it’s a very strange take on the 7 Samurai.

Keeping busy is the name of the game.

Speaking of keeping busy, have you purchased and reviewed your copy of SONS OF THE LION yet? 2019 Finalist for the Dragon Award (Best Military Science Fiction/Fantasy category) and a hard-hitting look at both African tribal and family links in a science fiction environment, it brings home the idea of one people as a mercenary company struggles to build a brighter future for not only their tribes but all of Liberia as a whole.

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Back to the Grind

Those first two weeks post-Libertycon are always rough. I already miss my friends and family, and coming back to work simply bites. On the other hands, bills and stuff still exist, so it’s back to the grind.

However, I did come out of that weekend with a new book contract, signed and delivered last week. The novella, with two other authors featured within, will be titled Sha’Daa: Zombie Park. Many of you know or remember the short stories I’ve had published in the Sha’Daa series, most notably the rendition where I had two different short stories in it (Sha’Daa: Pawns had “Crouching SEAL, Sleeping Dragon” in the first edition, and “Paragon Idol” in the second after CSSD was moved to the reprint of Sha:Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse), so to say that I’m thrilled to be writing with two of the more popular indie horror writers out there (Eric S. Brown and Gustavo Bondoni). Yeah, I’m excited too! I’ll show off the cover art when I see get permission from the publisher, naturally.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten with Jaime Ibson and we’ve been hashing out the outline for a novel we both really want to write. The only issue so far is that Jaime is very detail oriented, whereas I’m a “pantser” and just want to write. Plotting, outlining, creating character arcs? Bah, those happen by the grace of the writing gods… or at least, they used to, before Jaime sat me down for four hours and showed me The Way. I’m not converted (yet), but I did hear the Word of the Editor, and it has some interesting points.

Enough procrastinating, Cordova. Get back to work.

Hey, Sons of the Lion is still a top seller. Keep it there! Don’t forget to leave a review!

Blog Update

We Dare & Sons of the Lion Are BOTH Out!

The past nine days have been tremendously exciting for me. First, a little over one week ago, SONS OF THE LION was released and immediately shot up the charts. The sales for it are still going strong, and the reviews have all been positive as readers are reintroduced to characters they’d only seen in short stories. Writing the novel to also include events which occurred in other Four Horsemen Universe books was a challenge, but I think it came out rather well. The momentum is continuing to increase and I couldn’t be happier.

Out now! Click the picture for the link to purchase!

Two days ago, the anthology WE DARE was released. In it was a Kin Wars Universe short story called IMPERFECT MIND, which covers the very first Wraith in the series as well as ties her into the latest novel in the series, HOMEGUARD. This anthology, edited by Jamie Ibson and Chris Kennedy, still needs more reviews but otherwise it’s doing well. I’m impressed by all the stories within and can’t wait to see where some of the other authors take their universes.

We Dare is out! Click the pic for a link to buy it!

Working on WINTERBORN and VINDICATOR simultaneously at the moment, which I plan on turning in before too long, as well as beginning to outline a new fantasy series that’s been bubbling in my brain for the past 7 or 8 years. I’m also prepping the universe bible for the Kin Wars anthology. Then, if all goes well, I might have 3 books come out between November and December. Who knows?

Blog Update

Change of Release Date!

So something really cool happened yesterday and I completely forgot to tell you.

SONS OF THE LION has had its release date bumped up from June 7 to May 24. That’s right, now you can get the book two whole weeks sooner! That means there will definitely be copies for sale at Libertycon for those attending, and since I’ll be in attendance, I can sign all of the books!

Also, watch this page, since the rules for the upcoming #LionWatch contest to help promote the book’s release will be posted soon. It’s super easy to get involved and costs you nothing (except maybe your dignity, since this is the Internet, after all).

May 24, 2019 release date!