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Two Cover Reveals!

I swear, I look down, get back to writing, look back up… and it’s almost been a month since an update.

How does time do this to me?

Well, this week I had not one but TWO cover reveals occur. The first one is the one that everybody has been waiting for, and HOLY CRAP it is beautiful! Here is Deathlords, Book 3 of the Kin Wars Saga.


Nice, isn’t it? Bonus quiz: can you identify the planet from the series that the suit is protecting?

Then, on Thursday another publisher released the final cover of Sha’Daa: Toys, the (from what I hear) final anthology in the Sha’Daa universe. This one will actually be out in a few weeks, but the cover is downright creepy.


They both are great, and shows once more while I will continue to support small press publishers. Both teams I work with are amazing people who put all their efforts into producing quality workmanship. I can’t ask for better people to write for.

Book Release v2.1

Sha’Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse was re-released this weekend. My short story, Crouching Seal, Sleeping Dragon, is in this one now (it started off in Sha’Daa: Pawns, remember? Paragon Idol, another short story I wrote in that universe, is replacing it).

Cool cover. You might like it. I did.

It’s been a busy week or so. Con this coming weekend. Meet me there.

ShaDaa Apocalypse

New Book Cover Announcement

New anthology coming this fall that my story is featured in.

This is your warning. Prepare for the Sha’Daa, for it is coming…

Edit: the first one was not the right one. Oops.

Update #12

Received Crouching SEAL, Sleeping Dragon back from the editor for final approval. Finished it and sent it back. I’m fairly certain that anybody who reads it will immensely enjoy it. It’s a fun story about a reluctant sea dragon versus a team of Navy SEALs getting to know one another better on a fundamental level. And by getting to know one another I mean they try to murder the ever-living crap out of each other.

Good times. Sha’Daa III: Pawns will be out sometime this year.

Still working on the story for Sha’Daa IV: Catechisms with coauthor Rebecca. Should have that one wrapped up in a hurry. Taking place in the South China Sea in the 1930’s, it’ll tell the tale of… yeah, that’s about where we’re at right now. It’s not for lack of trying.

Other than that, just the current big WIP. I’ll keep up later, but this blog might suffer while I try to finish under deadline.