Only two more days until the FREEHOLD: RESISTANCE anthology comes out. I'm super stoked about this one, since my story "The Prayer Wheel", is possibly one of my favorite short stories I've ever written. I also signed a contract to be in the next Freehold Universe anthology, tentatively titled FREEHOLD: DEFIANCE. I have one short … Continue reading Resist

Book Release v2.1

Sha'Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse was re-released this weekend. My short story, Crouching Seal, Sleeping Dragon, is in this one now (it started off in Sha'Daa: Pawns, remember? Paragon Idol, another short story I wrote in that universe, is replacing it). Cool cover. You might like it. I did. It's been a busy week or so. Con this coming weekend. … Continue reading Book Release v2.1

Update #12

Received Crouching SEAL, Sleeping Dragon back from the editor for final approval. Finished it and sent it back. I'm fairly certain that anybody who reads it will immensely enjoy it. It's a fun story about a reluctant sea dragon versus a team of Navy SEALs getting to know one another better on a fundamental level. … Continue reading Update #12