Only two more days until the FREEHOLD: RESISTANCE anthology comes out. I’m super stoked about this one, since my story “The Prayer Wheel”, is possibly one of my favorite short stories I’ve ever written. I also signed a contract to be in the next Freehold Universe anthology, tentatively titled FREEHOLD: DEFIANCE. I have one short story in this one (so far), co-authored with J. F. Holmes and is titled “Semper Malevolem” (aka always grumpy). We wrote it over a weekend and it is utterly hilarious. Think “Grumpy Old Men” meets “Sniper”.

I mentioned above that I have one short story in the next anthology “so far”. This is because I proposed a second story to Mike about a UN squadron pretty much called “Doctrine Boys”. I think he liked it but I need to write it just to be sure. However, given how much I have on my plate at the moment (but really, when do I not have too much on my plate?), I might not get around to it in time. I still have my novella for the Sha’Daa to complete (it’s almost there), as well as my epic fantasy series to write (which is already started, yay!), so I’ll try my best to work it into the schedule.

2020 looks very promising so far. I’ve got GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY coming out Jan 3. SHA’DAA: ZOMBIE PARK coming out around June or July, with WINTERBORN coming out around the same time (more than likely). After that it’s another 4HU novel, then… I don’t know. Thinking too far out gets one into trouble when planning your writing schedule.

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