Save The Dragons

Author Dave Freer, for reasons many of us would easily understand, is leaving South Africa for the greener pastures of Tasmania in Australia. If you have been keeping up with current events in South Africa, you would realize that it is not the best place to live.

Dave and his family have all their paperwork in order, and enough money to move the human part of the family to Australia. However, thanks to a fluctuating economy (i.e., tanking economy) in South Africa, Dave cannot afford to move his SPCA rescued dogs and cats with him (the extended family) due to Australia’s strict quarantine laws. Yet the thought of the rescued dogs and cats being left behind is enough to make anyone hope for a different future.

Thus, Save The Dragons was born.

A group of fans and friends have gotten together and combined with the Betsy Boyes Memorial Corgi Fund and are helping Dave and his family get the funds they need to move ALL of their family to Australia. But they cannot do it alone. We need everyones help in this.

Donate as little or as much as you would like. In return, Dave is posting excerpts from his latest novel, Save the Dragons, bit by bit as the donations come in. Think of it as buying a book and helping a good cause while you’re enjoying the book as it comes up.

The goal is $10,000. Right now, Save The Dragons is over 1/3 of the way there. Let’s all make certain that Dave’s entire family makes it safe and sound to Australia. I, for one, do not want to see any of Dave’s animals end up in a shelter where they will more than likely be put to sleep.

Let’s make this happen, people. It’s not only for a good cause but for a good future.

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