Changing With Every Read

While one would think that the lack of reviews for Kraken Mare (currently with two reviews only, even though both are good) I would be a sad camper. Except, as I said the other day, one cannot eat reviews. The upside to the lack of reviews is that they don't seem to be affecting sales in any... Continue Reading →

Can You Eat Reviews?

Dream job? AWESOME!!! Lone downside? Lack of writing time. But still, this is the job that I have been searching for since I quit teaching 11 years ago (holy crap... 11 years? Really??). It's great that I have the opportunity to help young boys become men and teach them how to go about it. I... Continue Reading →


One of the things I hate to sound like is a broken record. One of the things I hate to... You get the point. Sarcasm aside, I really would like to implore readers to review the books they read over on Amazon. It helps spread the word and get the author noticed in the midst... Continue Reading →

Kraken Mare Is Live

Kraken Mare just went live over at Amazon. Read it, share it, review it. Support your local crazy writer! ...okay, disturbed writer? ...confused? Yes, confused writer!

Cover Reveal

So Chris and I are highly amused by this cover because his name is first (even though it should have been mine). Unfortunately for me, it works better aesthetically if his name is first. So I got to give Chris a lot of grief late last night when I showed it to him (many thanks... Continue Reading →

Sponsor the Charity, Buy the Shirt

So I'm on a shirt! Okay, some back story here... I help out quite a bit with the charity Operation Supply Drop, which helps get video games and other entertainment devices into the hands of deployed troops overseas who have no other way to relax in their downtime, as well as help returning veterans readjust back into... Continue Reading →

Scary Tales in Publishing

(Warning: this contains spoilers for Ctrl-Alt-Revolt! Continue at your own risk) As a writer, one of the things I dread more than anything else is the editor's response to the finished product. Oh sure, gutting it on your own to clean it up and make it acceptable for publishing is hard enough. But having a professional... Continue Reading →

The Theory of Everything is Revealing

I was going to finish Cân Rowan  this week and instead I got caught up in Darkling, the sequel to Wraithkin. Which is bad, because Cân Rowan has a check ready for me as soon as I turn it in (money!!!) while Darkling is still waiting on the publisher to decide what to do with the first book in the series (no... Continue Reading →

Kraken Mare DONE!!!! It's now in my publisher's hands. I'm about to finish the rest of Cân Rowan for another editor, then I'll have... free time. Man, I'd forgotten what that was like. Huh.

Hugo Season

So apparently it's Hugo season again (didn't we just do this?), though this year I'm thinking "Yeah, I lost a lot of time and energy last year dealing with that public smear campaign. I'm not even going to pay attention this year." Seriously. In 2014 I managed to get a ton of writing done. 2015?... Continue Reading →

The End Is Nigh!

...for Kraken Mare, at least. Chris and I locked up the "end" of the main story (one more subplot to tie up) last night and now I'm filling gaps while he's cleaning up the final fight scene. Which is fortuitous timing: publisher shot me an email today asking for a status update. Whew! My brain has... Continue Reading →

Topical Agent for Boredom Seekers

"Hey Jason, you're going to have Kraken Mare done before the New Year's, right?" "Of course!" *snort* I should have known better than to tempt fate... I had anticipated on my real-life job lessening the workload come the holiday season (traditionally, that's what happens, according to everyone else). This year seemed to have been that rare exception,... Continue Reading →

Pre-Orders Now Available

Eric S. Brown and I wrote a short story called "Best Laid Plans" for John Ringo's Black Tide Rising anthology, due out next year (June 7, 2016). It's available for pre-order now at Amazon, and I finally saw the final cover. Looks good. I've always wanted a Kurt Miller cover, even if it's not precisely "mine".

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