Above and Beyond

Fourteen years ago I was a bored 17 year old teen sitting on a battered old couching while flipping through the channels late one night. I was bored, as previously mentioned, and hated all the shows that were on television at the time. So I kept channel surfing, annoying my dad to no end while looking for something, anything… wait. What was that?

I turned the channel back to the relatively unknown Fox network and blinked. Holy crap, I thought as I started paying close attention to the TV, the remote slipped to the floor, relieving my dad. That is a spaceship fighting in space. And it moves like a real ship would in zero-g! Thus, I was introduced to the show which would begin to steer me on my path towards becoming a science fiction author — Space: Above and Beyond.

This show had it all. Mysterious aliens fighting (and dying) against humanity, romance, tense story lines, actual plot (You hear that, Star Trek: Voyager? It’s called a PLOT…) and really cool CGI. Not over the top, oooh shiny sort of graphics but the subtle ones, the ones which you barely notice unless you’re specifically looking for them. It was a great, great show and was a precursor to the later Battlestar: Galatica’s and Firefly’s of the world.

Recently, it became available for DVD purchase. Since I try to stay away from online ordering, I’m struggling now to justify purchasing it over a few books I need for research. Until S:A&B starts making money for me, however, I’m just going to have to look at it on Amazon and drool. But oh, what a great night it would be if I were to buy the DVD.

Thank you, Glen Morgan and Michael Wong. You created a show that still lives with me, fourteen years later.

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