Save(d) the Dragons!

I’ve spent so much time on here the past few weeks giving advice that I haven’t really gotten any writing done, none since I finished up the edits for Corruptor. It’s not that I haven’t been writing per se, it’s just that it hasn’t been my usual “OHGODTHISBOOKISFREAKINGKILLINGME” sort of pacing. It’s just been… meandering alone like a lost water buffalo. Which is scary in it’s own right.

About four months ago, I mentioned how SF and Fantasy author Dave Freer was attempting to move his entire family (which includes a plethora of dogs and cats) from the burgeoning cesspool of South Africa to greener pastures of Australia (I bet 100 year ago NOBODY would have ever said that statement). Well, I am pleased to announce that the goal has been met.

To all those who donated while Dave cranked out the book, thank you. I know he and his family appreciated the generosity, especially in these times.

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