Current Events Suck

You know, I hate politics. I also, alas, hate celebrities. I hate the feeling that people get when they feel like they’re entitled to special perks because they are “famous”.

But most of all, I just wish the whole Palin/Johnson thing would go away. Like Clinton/Lewinski of old, it just needs to die a quick death.

College football is about to start. Let’s focus on that, shall we? Please?

And I’m done with current events for the year…

One thought on “Current Events Suck

  1. Current events — Lindsay Lohan being in prison for DUI and blowing off certain things in her plea bargain? Chelsea Clinton’s recent wedding? Brett Favre — oh, wait, that was probably a practical joker (according to 670 AM the Score in Chicago; that whole mess was caused by some guy who _used_ to play for the Vikings but hasn’t for a few years — a known practical joker — which is why only _some_ of the Vikings got texts and Tweets.

    Anyway, I agree with you about the whole Levi Johnson/Bristol Palin thing. That’s a mess. They need to deal with it themselves — Johnson may be well-intended with his reality show (there aren’t much jobs in Alaska right now, I’m betting, especially for him after his notoreity) and a show taping him running for mayor is much less salacious than many other shows. (That appears to be the reality show he’s trying to get or has inked — sources vary and of course celebrity stuff shifts like sand.)

    I do feel sorry for Bristol Palin. I’m sure she has feelings for Levi Johnson or she’d have never borne his child. But her mother and father both hate him, with good reason . . . it’s a plot a Harlequin Romance would likely turn down because it so rarely happens IRL.

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