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James Enge, author of Blood of Ambrose, has gotten back to me and he agreed to be interviewed. Yay! I’ll be sending the info to him and (hopefully) it’ll be up within the next few weeks either here or at Shiny Book Reviews.

Wrote quite a bit yesterday after the update, and was generally pleased. Some villains are ready made, while others need a little coercion to crawl out from their dank holes. The best, however, are the villains who believe that they are the good guys.

I’ve had a few questions about Corruptor‘s e-book release date. I really don’t know when it is. I asked my publisher a month back, and here is her response:


Hi Jason,

An editor is working on Corruptor as we speak. I want Corruptor to be as error-free as is humanly possible. Edits should be in within two weeks.

I’ll have a better handle on the official release date once we have a print proof copy in our hands.


So there you have it. Still hoping that Webscriptions will be able to do an e-Arc of the e-book, but with Arnold still sick and me not knowing the legal ramifications of things I’m going to go out on a limb and say it probably won’t be up at Webscriptions at all, which is a shame. I really like what they do over there, and the DRM-free format should be the industry standard.

By Jason Cordova

Born in Orange, California, author Jason Cordova has written books ranging from the fantastical realms of fantasy to the militaristic side of science fiction. His latest should be out soon. Really. You should probably buy it. Check Amazon. Demand it at your local store. Pay for his kitten kibble.

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Just trying to keep everyone informed. Trust me, if anyone wants to see “Corruptor” out as an e-book (and print!) soon, it’s me.

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