A Week(end) in Review

So Corruptor seems to be doing okay in the initial sales. I’d like to see higher sales (naturally), but the amount I’ve sold so far with so little publicity behind it is amazing. I am truly blessed to have great people read this blog and show interest in an author and book nobody has really heard of. The reviews I’ve heard have been positive, which is always an encouraging sign.

Went out white water rafting yesterday out on the Gauley River in West Virginia after some friends had a cancellation and already prepaid. I had a blast hanging out with my friends, and doing some Class III and Class IV rapids on the Lower Gauley. Hopefully next season we can do the Upper. I hear it’s an insane ride.

A Bad Year For Tomatoes closed Saturday night, with another amazing audience. I’m going to miss the cast and crew of this wonderful play.

In two weeks I’ll be attending the Sheutzenboomenvigger IV in Wabash, Indiana. It’ll be a nice trip, and I’ll get to drive through the campus of Ball State (Muncie, IN) and show people around. The campus has changed quite a bit since I’ve been there, though, so I hope I won’t get lost.

Oh, and someone in Israel bought a copy of my book. That’s awesome! I love Israel and have given thoughts to moving there. I remember Haifa and the hills above the harbor there, the diamond factory, the temples… it’s a gorgeous city with a great atmosphere. Maybe I should feature (what I remember anyways) Haifa in a future book… that’d be cool. Well, I hope whoever in Israel bought it really enjoys the book.


2 thoughts on “A Week(end) in Review

  1. Jason, I’m glad to hear this. You deserve to have as much success as is humanly possible.

    (BTW, I’m pretty sure I know who it was in Israel that bought your book. Not related to me; is a Barfly.) 😉

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