The Cost of Ease

Is it worth the cost? That’s the question I’m asking myself today.

WordPress has been a wonderful hosting place for me, and I love a lot of their features. Much better than the ad-ridden Tripod and some of the other hosting places I’ve tried over the years.

But now I’m in the process of updating this to become Their fees aren’t bad for domain names ($12/year), but I want some of the added features that come with (custom CSS, etc).

I’m not the best with html or coding (and I write computer gaming books, ha!) but I can hum the tune a bit. I can spot the key stuff in the coding more often than not, I just can’t write it without a guideline.

So here’s the question: is it worth the money shell out for a great looking website, especially since I’m a relatively new author? I’ve seen some sites that make me cringe and others that made me go “Ooooh shiny”.

Have a great weekend people . And remember, Corruptor is available for preorder at Barnes & Noble. Go to your local store and demand that they carry it.

It would make me happy.


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