November 21, 2010

A Cookie Often?

I haven’t been lazy, I swear. I’ve been writing… and it’s hunting season, so I’ve been out trying to get Bambi.

…that deer is mocking me. Literally. Yesterday all I could see was Bambi’s butt and you can’t shoot that. You can only hope to get him next time.

Approved the final proof for Corruptor last week and am now waiting for my copies to arrive. Remember, you can still buy them off me if you want a signed copy. They’re $20 and that includes shipping. You can order as many as you’d like but if it’s more than 10 please give me a heads-up beforehand. I’d like to keep everyone happy and if I’m short books I’m going to have to get more on a short notice.

Still no word from Barnes & Noble about why they have my book under the “non-returnable” category. This prevents them from ordering multiple copies to stock on their shelves, since if they don’t sell they “can’t return them” to the publisher. Lida (the publisher) thinks that B&N has a glitch in their system, so we’ll see. If there aren’t books on the shelves on November 30th, I’m going to be upset.

Next spring I’m planning on a trip through the South for book signings. I’m still working on the details, so stay tuned. I’m also working on a West Coast trip. I do know that one stop will be at the Covina Book Store in Covina, CA. It’s the place where I purchased my first SF book and a great, family owned business. Plus, they’re in the downtown Covina area, and it’s a quaint 1940’s style area too.

Assuming they’re still in business, that is. They are the only bookstore in Covina so I assume things will be okay.

One of the other things I’m trying to do is get my book in the library. Here is where I’m running into walls. I have no idea who to go to or what to say. “Hi, I’m a local author trying to get my book into your library” seems redundant but I know that they’ve heard worse. Any pointers about who to go to?

For those of you who really are interested in the sequel, Obliterator is moving along nicely. Everything is lining up, and I should have it done by the end of January. Then it’s off to the publisher, who will most assuredly congratulate me on such a fine novel and throw heaps of money at me and I can swim in it like Scrooge from Duck Tales. Heh. Naw, they’ll probably just thank me and let me know if they like it enough. They should. It’s got more drama than your average public high school, more fame than an episode of Saturday Night Live. It’s got the shakes that’ll make you quake. It’s… uh, I got nothing. Alliteration is not my strong point.

Finally, I mentioned the other day that finally has Corruptor up. Unfortunately, they have it without any discount. So I’ll continue to direct people to Barnes & Noble and let them save 33% off of the cover price. A few reviews have been made over at B&N, but not nearly as many as I’d hoped for.

It’s okay, no pressure on the reader… *sniff sniff* I’m not upset, really. *sniff* I’ll get over it….

…I want a cookie…

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