Brief Moment of Your Time

Sorry about the random theme changes. I’m playing around with some different ideas and trying to find one that I really like. Unfortunately, my options are a little limited. But that’s not entirely a bad thing, given my habit of making things so drastic that I don’t even recognize things anymore.

Still working on the header issue. I don’t know why it insists that the header is fine, but it’s all blown up and ugly when I see it. Not sure how to fix it yet, only that I may have to use an older theme if I want to have a slick header.

Updated a few pages and changed some more. I think it’s pretty self-intuitive, and makes far more sense than having all the information crammed onto one page. Broken down, everything is pretty and simple. Easier to find, too. I like that.

No NaNoWriMo updates? For shame, people. I’ve heard that a few of my fellow writers have cracked the 40K word count mark. I’m lingering around 10K myself, but my excuse is that I’m prepping for a book release. I’m going to use that excuse for as long as it’ll hold, in case you were wondering.



  1. Well, I’m not actually doing NaNoWriMo myself, but my wife’s covering for me. She’s up around 77k as of last I checked… which was Sunday afternoon.

    She’s a little bit prolific.

      1. Yeah, I’m rather justifiably proud of her. She doesn’t seem to write like anyone else I’ve read about though; she sits down and starts writing to find out what happens in the story. No planning, just picks a story idea that’s floating around in her head and starts writing.

        Next up, I have to get her to start submitting her stuff. She SAYS she wants to, but I think she’s too afraid she’s not “good enough” – something that anyone who actually READS it generally disputes.

        Ah well, one step at a time. 🙂

      2. Well, I was forced by a few people to submit my novel. I didn’t think anyone would read it or (worse still) they might think it stunk. Thankfully, I listened to them and not to my inner fears.

        I’ll always tell writers to submit their finished books. You never know what can happen.

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