First off, it appears that the 32% off discount at Barnes & Noble has disappeared. That blows, because if you didn’t order it at the absurdly discounted price before then you lost out on saving some money. I’m sorry for that, but I don’t set the prices. If I had things my way, that book would be on sale for a flat $12. But obviously I don’t get to pick the prices, so I just sit back and roll with it. As it is, if you joined B& you probably got a killer discount coupon in the mail recently. You could always use that to buy my book.

Just saying…

Secondly, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season. I have survived deer hunting season. So have the deer. This is not the ideal situation for me, but it’ll do for now. Next year, though, no promises about the deer making it out of season not cut into steaks.

Enjoy Black Friday. I’ll be home sniggering at those who decided that they had to have the sales at 3 a.m.

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