Train Wreck?

Apparently some people who have purchased Corruptor from various online vendors have received emails that shipment will be delayed at least one month, until the end of December. This is a great way to kill a new author, guys. Really.

This is unacceptable.

Has anyone besides Allan received this email? I know a few people haven’t received their books yet out by me, and they pre-ordered them the minute they went on sale at B& I mean, I don’t think I’ve sold more than 2,000 books this past week. If I did, wouldn’t have have had some inkling? Wouldn’t my publisher be calling me and saying “Guess what, Jason? Your first print run is at 100% sell-through!”?

Slim as it may be, it is entirely possible this happened. Unlikely, but possible…

Update – 2104 EST: Just got word that B& has shipped books out, which means that the delay is in the other vendor or some credit card snafu. Good thing I didn’t, you know, flip out or anything…

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