Kindle and News Update

Brief comment for the day. Well, two.

First off, received word that Corruptor will be available via Kindle next week. This is excellent news for those who were looking to purchase the ebook instead of shelling out the $19.95 for the dead-tree version. I’m all in favor of more people buying the ebook, personally. One, I don’t hear a bunch of crap from environmentalists. Two, I get bigger royalties for ebooks. So please, save the planet (and pay my bills): buy an ebook.

Secondly, I groveled begged coerced asked the august scribblers maniacs geniuses over at the Mad Genius Club if I could guest blog sometime. Guess what? That “sometime” is going to occur this Saturday. Those of you who follow this regularly (you know who you are) know my path to publication quite well. Everyone else? You’ll find out this Saturday when I talk about The Road to Publication (and the pile of bodies I left in my wake).

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