Two Weeks Later

So it’s been two weeks since Corruptor was released into the wild, and I’ve learned a few things:

  • A book sold on Amazon is a good sale;
  • An ebook sold on Amazon a bunch of times is better;
  • Wondering how your sales are going every five minutes is not conducive to completing anything else;
  • There are going to be people who don’t like the book. Deal with it;

and finally…

  • I swear that with the next book, I will not care about sales until 90 days after it’s been released.

I wonder if other authors had the epiphany of “You know? I’m not getting any writing done while I’m wondering how sales are going…”. Anybody? Thankfully, I have a few small projects (nothing major) in the works so I can have half my attention on some things and half on other. This should allow me to keep my sanity for another two weeks.


2 thoughts on “Two Weeks Later

    • It’s a nerve-wracking experience that I wouldn’t trade for almost anything in the world.

      “Almost” anything, mind you. 🙂

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