Post Your Resolutions Here

For the next year, my resolutions will be simple. I will lose more weight (I say this every year, and it’s always like a yo-yo), I will take some real vacation somewhere (I’m dreaming of Disney World) and I will continue my education (because not having any student loans is unAmerican apparently…).
Here are some “real” goals for 2011:
  1. In 2011 I will write more than four books;
  2. In 2011 I will get a new agent;
  3. In 2011 I will assist more people in learning how to get into the publishing industry without getting their asses handed to them;
  4. In 2011 I will finally do that thing I need to do and make people happy (no, it’s not dying… haha, you jackass);
  5. In 2011 I will know where my writing career is going and will react accordingly, setting myself up for wrath or ruin in 2012.

So what are your New Year’s resolutions?

2 thoughts on “Post Your Resolutions Here

  1. Just found this site from the MGC blog posts you make.
    I like the resolutions, and about #4, ummm.. yeah. I can think of more than a few people that would be happy if I were to die.

    This is a well set up blog, please excuse me while I go check it out…

    *wanders away nonchalantly whisting some innocuous tune.

    Dan Casey

    • Hi Dan,
      Glad you liked them. I’ll probably only accomplish two or three of them but that’s ok. It’ll be better than last year.

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