Anti-Piracy Crusade!

The anti-piracy crusade is just that: a mission to burn, pillage and plunder every single customer into believing that they’re doing it for your own good. Case in point? DRM (digital rights media), which costs and arm and a leg to maintain and prohibits purchasers from sharing (or sometimes, even playing) a song or ebook. Then the publishers and the music industry insists that this is the sole reason for the rising costs of the product. The thievery, not the DRM. Any good publisher (and record company) will insist that the piracy is costing more money, not the DRM.

Dave Freer talks a little about this today, and his (and my) belief that things don’t smell right in Denmark. Go and take a look, it’s a good read.

Edit 12:54P – Buy Dave’s book. It’s really good.

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