First off, hope everyone had a great holiday season. It was a great storm that swept through my state, and now my friends up in the Northeast are having to deal with it. Poor guys. For them, our 2-4 inches of snow turned into something like 16 inches. Of course, we’re having something like 40+ mph winds right now. My window is shaking, and it’s shielded from the direct blasts of wind!

So… I really don’t know what to talk about this week. I’ve got “Enter Sandman” playing on my Pandora station right now, got Word open and I have a decent word count going for the current work in progress. Also prepping a review of Sarah Hoyt’s wonderful novel Darkship Thieves, which I highly recommend. Ms. Hoyt is getting to the point now that I’m buying anything with her name on it, she’s just that good. I especially like her Shifter series but in Darkship Thieves she shows that she can easily move from urban fantasy to science fiction with no difficulties.

Read anything good over the Christmas break?

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