More Awards

Okay, so Preditors & Editors (yes, it’s spelled wrong on purpose) is having their yearly reader’s poll for all sorts of novels. “Best SF”, “Best Thriller”, and “Best Romance” are just a few of the titles you can nominate a book for.

Yes, you heard me correctly. You can nominate and vote for a book. Why is this important? Because I’m not competing against Larry freakin’ Correia in Best SF this year! Go me! Larry, for what it’s worth, is in Urban Fantasy. At least, he should be.

So it’s simple: go here or here and then try to nominate me by following the link further down. It’s not always working (I can’t seem to access it and that fact is driving me crazy) but you can email them and let them know that you want to nominate Jason Cordova for Best (insert genre here). I’m gunning for “Best SF” or “Best Thriller”. Why those two? Because if John Ringo can win Best Romance for “Ghost“, then I can win too.

Yes, for your viewing pleasure, if I win “Best Thriller” novel at P&E, I will perform this dance at an upcoming convention I will appear at. 🙂 I’m motivating you, yes I am.

God help me if MHI is there too though…

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