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Hugo 2014

2014 Hugos — Congrats towards the winners! No, I’m not bitter that none of my nominees won. I think some of the anti-“OMG the Wheel of Time is a single entry WTFBBQ!!11!!” and the anti-VoxDay backlash hurt the voting for quite a few deserving entrants but again, since this was the most voted-on Hugo in recent memory (perhaps all time; numbers are hard to come by from the “olden” days), you can’t be too upset with that. Not unless you really, really wanted to win a Hugo or have a lot of energy and time invested into it.

However, a few people have already called shenanigans (I called who the winners would be when I saw who won Best Editor, Short Form — voting trends always follow certain guidelines, and predicting winners is easy when you know what to look for). So I let the numbers from the Hugo Award voting percolate in my head for the past few days, looked them over and thought “The Australian voting method sucks and makes no sense to me, but the numbers seem right.” In fact, the only thing that looked screwy to me was Best Editor, Long Form. Not entirely sure how someone who had the most votes for the first three rounds comes in 4th place. I’m sure there’s some method to this madness, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. Just goes to show that you really should make sure you fill out your Top 3 favorites instead of just 1, because you can influence the weight of certain votes apparently even though it’s not your first choice.

Now… I listen to a lot of my friends moaning about the injustice of the Hugos and blah blah blah should have won and I can’t help but to think “So did you vote?” Almost all of them didn’t vote, which means that if you don’t vote, you have no right to bitch because it obviously isn’t that important to you. However, I did have an idea that might encourage more voting for the, ah, lackadaisical individual. There could be Hugo voting registration tables at some of the cons out there. It’s just a thought, one way to stimulate a fairly hidden part of SFF that many fans don’t know about. And if you think “Well, the common fan shouldn’t be able to vote, because then all we’d get are summer blockbusters”, well then, you’re part of the problem right there and not the solution.

I thought I might have more to say about this, but I don’t. Far more interested in watching Missouri burn and the Bill of Rights be trampled upon.

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My Annual Hugo Pie Fathe: Overt Thexual Innuendo Edithon, Parth the Secondth

I often wonder if the Hugo is like a thick, creamy facial for the writer. Meant to be pleasing and give someone a backhanded compliment about how good they look, but end up with a bit of it in the eyes and boy does that cold creme burn like a motherf*cker!

What, you thought…? Oh, you dirty bastard.

I was sure I had a clever and witty post for today, but once again did I read Larry Correia’s Sad Puppy Campaign II: Rainbow Puppy Lighthouse the Huggening and was completely derailed. I mean, come on Larry, you know how hard it is for me to remember to update this site without you making me laugh my ass off while I’m supposed to be writing.

But… he does have a really good point. Tongue in cheek? Yeah, a bit. Middle finger to the Literati? Most definitely. Subtle? Hardly.

Shameless self-promotion aside (and since publishers insist we are contractors and not employees, which means my farking taxes are higher than they should be for how little I make doing this “writing” thing, self-promotion is not necessarily a bad thing at all), Larry makes a really good point about what has happened to the Hugos. Now, would I want to win one? Oh yeah. But not because it’ll increase my sales (it seems, at a glance, to do the exact opposite actually… the average reader in the store is not going to pick up a book with “Hugo Award Winner” on the cover. No, they’ll be looking for a writer or publisher they like) but because I’d love to see their faces when I make my acceptance speech. Their dawning horror, their hurried attempts at removing me from the stage (helpful hint: bring more than three guys. I wrestled for a very long time), their “technical difficulties” of their live-stream when my tirade begins.

Okay, they’d probably cut my mic off at about the 8 second point, but that’s why I have been gifted with a powerful set of lungs and the stage ability to project.

Anyways, I have a few Hugo-eligible short stories this year, but I really don’t care about them enough to try to get them nominated. Sounds horrible, I know, but short stories take me less effort and energy to write than a novel does. I’d rather vote for someone more deserving in any case. If, you know, I was voting. Yeah, Shiny Book Review is eligible for Best Fanzine, but since I love the guys over at Elitist Book Review, I’d rather see them win it again.

So on to other interesting stuff… I am so ready for Mysticon (Feb 21-23; Roanoke, VA) to get here. I haven’t seen a lot of my “con friends” since last July, and that needs to be rectified. I’ve seen some of the panels I’ll probably be on, and they’re… different. Looks like I’ll be very busy on Sunday, but free most of Saturday (yay!). Then it’s a short break until Ravencon over in Richmond, Virginia. Yes, Con Season is almost upon the Cordova House!

I made a comment earlier about the ease I have with short stories. Well,  I should have excluded the one I’m struggling with right now, which is now 3 weeks overdue. It’s being a stone-cold bitch and I’m ready to simply cleanse it with fire and start over. I’m at the point that I don’t even like the damned name. I hate it when I begin to dislike a story. If I dislike it, that means that my readers will probably dislike it. I’ve only ever sold one story I disliked, and I don’t talk about it very often (The Cold, for those of you who are morbidly curious, I did not like writing… it triggered one of my “feels”, as Kassidee would say).

So… flamethrower. I have some snow outside, to damage should be minimal.


Oh, screw you spell check. That is too a word!

Back to your regularly scheduled Hugo self-promotion, pie in the eye, gooey, dripping, farcical accusations of gerrymandering in a whorish political SF and Fantasy forum.

Buzzwords yo… I haz them

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Edited For Content

I didn’t meet my writing goal the other day, so I didn’t get to paint. Came close, though. But close doesn’t cut it when you have deadlines.

Trust me. Editors hate when you start an email off with “So I was trying to work out some of the plot details and…”. You may as well be admitting “I was on Reddit and next thing I know I’m watching cat videos at 4 in the morning.” Editors — so damn particular, right?

I was looking over the Horror Writers Association guidelines the other day and realized that half of their referring links were either dead or completely worthless. Now, I’m not a member of the HWA (yet), but one would think that their website would have relevant information, like, for example, which publishers qualify. I mean, people dog on the SFWA at times, but at least they have a comprehensive list about what publishers make a writer eligible for membership, what publishers are on probation, which ones are blacklisted due to a variety of reasons (which they list).

It makes me wonder if the HWA is in a position much like the one the SFWA was during S/He Who Shalt Not Be Named* was the president.

Of course, making things easier would be difficult, due to the absolute flood of information that is on the internet right now. There are so many websites and various random bits of info that piecing together a comprehensive list of magazines and publishers who might be eligible is a nightmarish task I would only wish upon my high school geometry teacher. Yes, yes, I’m complaining. But since I feel that my opinion is relevant (hey, I’m delusional that way… I know I don’t hit the pop culture relevancy status until I start a flame war on a YouTube video comment section), I get to whine and complain to my heart’s content.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like the concepts behind the organizations like the SFWA and HWA. Writers have a hard enough time researching material for their own books (what, you think all of us can pull random quantum physics out of our asses? Even Travis S. Taylor has to research once in a while, and he’s a freaking rocket scientist!), much less time to make certain that a book they’re writing is eligible for such-and-such market or award. There’s a lot of information that should be available to writers, like resources for what to do if your work has been plagiarized, or how to protect yourself against unreasonable or predatory publishers and agents (yes, they do exist).

I’m not going into the things that the organizations do that piss me off, however. That’s not my mission, and quite a number of them are deeply personal more so than professional (though there are a few things that affect me on a professional level as well).

By the way, I’m still claiming to be a SF writer, despite selling more horror stories than anything else. It’s my delusion, damn it.

*Openly vague so that your personal least favorite SFWA president can be added.

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For the Puppies

I’ve been elbows deep in Wraithkin, so please pardon my absence. I’ve added about 10,000 words to the book since Jan 1st, so I’m somewhat pleased. Add in the fact that I’ve also been working on The Gods Anointed and keeping up with my book reviews (while battling the evil, nefarious flu and working full time) and I’m downright impressed with myself. The completion date of June 1 for Wraithkin looks to be right on target, so that’s a good thing I guess. Just having issues with one of the main characters… he keeps trying to take over the book, except that I can’t have him do that yet because he’s not the primary character. Stupid git. He needs to accept his role and get over it.

According to my “To Do” list, today is a “work on anything creative” day. I’ll write a short horror story for a magazine or something. I have an idea that’s been bouncing around in my head for a few days, and it’s a little creepy. It’s what happens when you’re out driving at four in the morning and you see something that makes you go “Hmmm…”

Also: gearing up for Mysticon. I hope to see all my old friends there. Then I’ll be hanging out in the Roanoke area for a week, visiting friends, recharging, etc. It’ll be neat meeting Orson Scott Card finally.

Also, a very special message from Larry Correia that I have to share.

Please, for the puppies?

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Will another one bite the dust?

Will another one bite the dust?.

Amanda Green pretty much explains it all. You might want to listen to her.

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Nobody’s As Cool As LeVar

Nobody's as cool as LeVar Burton

The wonderful Sarah Hoyt (a writer who blogs, who is one of my favorite people) was talking about the “Art of the Human Condition” this morning over at her blog (read it here) and just what people seem to want. The quotes are mine, since it was hard for me to sum up the entirety of her message. But this got me thinking about how, a few years back, a good friend of mine and I broke down the Hugo and Nebula winners and saw a strange pattern develop.

Much like the Newberry Award, the Nebula Award seemed to go to books that didn’t sell too well but were critic faves (kinda like the Academy Awards). Meanwhile, the Hugo seemed to go to whoever was the “it” book at the current Worldcon where voting was taking place. We figured (rightly or wrongly, it was a few years ago) that an intermediate publicity push at the Worldcon could affect the voting upwards of 15%. He thought about how easy it would be for a writer to buy the Hugo Award, which I concurred.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This was two guys bullsh*tting around at a bar, tipsy and bored and trying to come up with ways to take over the world (Super large death rays? That’s so 1960’s…) or the literary world. We weren’t (and aren’t, so far as I know) planning on “buying” a Hugo award.

I don’t have that much money.

But… what sells? It’s very hard for a writer to determine what is going to be popular. Twenty years ago, when Interview with a Vampire first came out, could any of us imagines that vampires who sparkle in daylight and stalk teenaged girls in their sleep because they lvoe them would be popular? Yes, I have an odd hatred/fixation for sparkly vampires. Next thing someone’s going to do is say that werewolves love infants (and not in the “snack food” sort of way).

It’s impossible for us to predict what’s going to happen, what’s going to be popular. As Sarah said, we suck at sensing how “good” our own work is. How are we to know if it’s any good? We’re our own worst critics.

That being said, now think about how hard it is for us to think about the various writing awards out there. Would I love to win a Newberry? Depends. Will it increase my sales? Will it make my books more popular? Will it finally make me as cool as LeVar Burton (that’ll never happen, by the way)?

Who knows (other than being as cool as LeVar… the man just oozes cool) what’ll happen in the next few years. I’m 100% certain I won’t win any awards for Corruptor, and feel the same about And Injustice For All (though that one may get me sued one day… fracking James Hetfield).

But, as I said before, authors are the worst judge of their own creations.


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F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury? Er…

Working on a deadline. Will post tonight. In the meantime, a few people have undoubtedly wondered what I was talking about yesterday when I mentioned that F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury should win a Hugo. Here it is.

Warning: not safe for work.

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Hugos Are Nominated

Yes, loyal minions, I feel your pain. Not only was I not nominated for a Hugo this year (lamentations!), I failed to secure a nod for the John W Campbell Award. However, Larry Correia did, so I’m rooting for him to win it.

Thoughts on the Hugos:

  • …I really am annoyed that Cryoburn was nominated. Not that it was a horrible book, but because I think it was nominated due to name recognition only. That’s not a bad thing, just… annoying. It wasn’t a terrific book, just a good one. But I’m under some self-delusional thought that to win a Hugo your book must be amazing. Of course, I still think the favorite to win is The Dervish House.
  • …There were only four nominations for short story this year, which makes next year look very, very nice for the few of us in Lawyers in Hell who stayed below the maximum word count for the division. Of course, if it comes down to Sarah Hulcy and me, I’m voting for Sarah.
  • …if F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury doesn’t win for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form, I’m not voting for John Scalzi for President next year and will be convinced that the voting parties bathe in the blood of newborn kittens.
  • …I find it odd that Toni Weiskopf didn’t get nominated for Best Editor, Long Form. However, I am glad to see that Lou Anders was. He’s released some terrific books this past year at Pyr.
Those are my scattered and random thoughts. The complete list can be found here. Any differing opinions of the Hugos?
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More Awards

Okay, so Preditors & Editors (yes, it’s spelled wrong on purpose) is having their yearly reader’s poll for all sorts of novels. “Best SF”, “Best Thriller”, and “Best Romance” are just a few of the titles you can nominate a book for.

Yes, you heard me correctly. You can nominate and vote for a book. Why is this important? Because I’m not competing against Larry freakin’ Correia in Best SF this year! Go me! Larry, for what it’s worth, is in Urban Fantasy. At least, he should be.

So it’s simple: go here or here and then try to nominate me by following the link further down. It’s not always working (I can’t seem to access it and that fact is driving me crazy) but you can email them and let them know that you want to nominate Jason Cordova for Best (insert genre here). I’m gunning for “Best SF” or “Best Thriller”. Why those two? Because if John Ringo can win Best Romance for “Ghost“, then I can win too.

Yes, for your viewing pleasure, if I win “Best Thriller” novel at P&E, I will perform this dance at an upcoming convention I will appear at. 🙂 I’m motivating you, yes I am.

God help me if MHI is there too though…