Off to a late start on the blog today, mainly because I’ve been writing since about 8 AM this morning. It’s good to get started early, for me at least.

So I’m pretty sure the publishing world is going to end. One of the stars of the television show “Jersey Shore” (Sooki? Snooki? Something that makes me think of a snuke) published a book and it recently hit the NYT bestseller list. For those of you who don’t know what the show is about (like me), I can assure you that after listening to them talk for five minutes you will feel remarkably dumber. Really.

But… wouldn’t that mean that the publishing industry is healthy and alive if someone like her can actually sell a book? Or is the publishing industry truly on its last breath when someone like her can sell a book but guys like Dave Freer can’t get any luck. Or is it something else?

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