Nelly… Furtado? Noooooo!

So yesterday I was trying to destroy a world (through the fire and the flames arose a great demon, blue in color of skin and eyes which glowed of gold… ahem, sorry) and I just couldn’t find the right mood for it. I shuffled through both Pandora and my own music list before I realized that none of my usual music would cut it.

I guess I’m jaded now, my propensity for destroying worlds something of an expected occurrence in a book. I was frustrated and (I think) Ganesh was laughing at me while I moped and pouted. I kept skipping songs, stations, everything to help me set the mood for the scene in which a world burns.

…and then Nelly frickin’ Furtado came on and the destruction began.

For the record, I never really liked her. Yeah, she’s hot and all, but musically? Not my style thanks, moving on. But Furtado ignited this deep hatred of, well, life while I listened to her music and that hatred and dislike transferred over to the book. This displeasure was what I was looking for while going through my usual suspects of Amon Amarth, Hammerfall and New Eden. For some reason death metal wasn’t cutting it (okay, questionable death metal, but still…) yesterday. But Nelly Furtado? Oh yeah.


Have you ever been stuck on a scene because you just couldn’t capture the mood properly? How’d you deal with it? Do you stay true to yourself or explore other options to help kick-start the mental process?

2 thoughts on “Nelly… Furtado? Noooooo!

  1. I know what you mean! I’m stuck on a pivotal scene in my sequel and can’t seem to get the sense of joyous wonder that it calls for. I find, however, if I go for a long run (five miles minimum, ten miles maximum) and let my subconscious chew on it, I usually have a better idea when I’m done.

    • If it wasn’t so cold I’d be doing that too. Usually in the spring and summer I’m out walking around, sometimes fall as well.

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