Schedule Update

One final post for the day, I swear.

Here is my schedule for Mysticon (Feb 25-27) in Roanoke, VA. The people running this con have been helpful and responsive, which usually is a great sign for a fun con. You should attend. No, you MUST attend.

Friday 5-6pm  Opening Ceremonies

Friday 10-11pm  From SF to Us – Making It Real — other panelists: James Maxey, John Monahan, Catherine Asaro, Gray Rinehart

Saturday 1-2pm  Which Properties Will Survive the Test of Time? — other panelists: Stephen Zimmer, Andrew Fox, Mark Davis

Saturday 6-7pm  Where Has the Line Between SF and Fantasy Gone? — other panelists: AR Moler

Saturday 10-11pm  Making Mythology Fresh — other panelists: MB Weston

There’s also a panel on Sunday that looks like I’ll be on, though I haven’t received confirmation for it yet. I’ll add that once I know for certain.

And yes, I do see that I’m paired with just one other person on two separate panels. I feel sorry for them and I promise to not be too obnoxious. If you’d like for me to keep that promise, though, you’re going to need to make plans to attend. Besides, seeing me on a panel titled “Making Mythology Fresh” conjures up memories of Conjecture 2008 and the Midnight Panel of Doom.


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