…and nothing else matters…

Countdown: 5 days until Mysticon, which I am very excited to be a participant at. I haven’t been to a con in quite a while now, and I need a con fix. As I mentioned previously, I have posted my schedule (so far as I know it) and am eagerly awaiting a few of said panels. I don’t know how much I’ll have prepared, but when I wing stuff it usually is entertaining at least. I’m also looking forward to meeting Catherine Asaro, she of The Ruby Dice fame. We don’t have a lot in common (other than being SF authors) but she always seemed like an interesting person. We’re only on one panel together, so I’m hoping I make a decent impression and not an ass of myself (like I did with Tim Zahn… sorry, Tim, I was nervous at the prospect of the most influential writer in my little corner of existence).

I’m changing the ending of …AND INJUSTICE FOR ALL, simply due to the fact that I absolutely hate the way it is right now. It’s too… pat, and I don’t like rushed endings. It reads (to me, at least) rushed. Other than that, I’m very pleased with the story. I hear the book (Lawyers in Hell, Paradise Publishing) should be out this year. Possibly in the summer. That’s exciting and very fast. After that is Adventurers in Hell, which I’ve tentatively come up with The Fountain Uncouth for a short story in that one. After that… who knows. I’ve come up with quite a few short stories in the past week. Spending the weekend up at Soldier’s Retreat always seems to recharge the creative juices. Now if I can only find a way to live up there…

Let the week begin. I’m ready for it.

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