Braaains! Wait, no…. caffeeeeeeeeeine!

Some people get addicted to drugs, others to nicotine.

Mine is caffeine and it shows at the worst possible times. Like now, for instance.

Twenty-four hours after I stopped drinking soda, my body is screaming at me. It is screaming loud.

I haven’t gotten much production done today because of withdrawals. I don’t care what anyone says, caffeine withdrawal sucks hardcore. It’s not as bad as I remember it being last time (quit drinking soda for 6 months after passing a kidney stone) but it’s still pretty bad. But like any proper junkie, I can quit any time.

I’m doing this now, instead of closer to the due date of April 15th for …And Injustice For All. I think I also am going to have another story featuring Marie Antoinette and Henrietta Marie in the following book, Adventurers in Hell, but I’m not certain yet.

…just a little taste won’t hurt, right? One small shot of Pepsi? C’mon man, gimme a taste?

2 thoughts on “Braaains! Wait, no…. caffeeeeeeeeeine!

  1. Hang in there. I quit smoking without any major problems, no headaches, no irritability, no major appetite increase.

    But if I so much as miss my morning Redbull, there is hell to pay. My joes keep an emergency stash of caffeine around, just in case. Good luck!

  2. Good luck!

    With three kids and another on the way, threre’s on way in hell I’m going to try to quit again any time soon. Gave up Coffee for Lent last year, hardest four weeks of my life.

    So, my prayers are with you, and good luck. (and one little taste wont’ hurt, but the next seven will….)


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