The Windy Plains of Knowitallville

It’s a windy day up at Soldier’s Retreat today, with gusts up to 35+ mph. It’s really cool to watch the flag whip around in the wind, as well as the windsock down on the runway stand nearly straight out.

In the Lawyers in Hell group, we were talking about surroundings and how to use them properly in your story the other night. I was thinking to myself “I do this kind of stuff already” until I realized that I actually needed to tone it back a little bit. After all, what other way can an author convey too much information in one sentence?

“I like it,” George stated as he tied his shoe, unwittingly turning his back to both his dearest friend and, unbeknownst to him, his most dreadful enemy.


Unless, of course, this is the opening of your book. That’s more of a hook line, I think. But in the midst of a paragraph?

Editor’s call.

…AND INJUSTICE FOR ALL is nearing the final stages. I need to change the ending a little more to coincide with events occurring throughout the book, but all in all I am immensely pleased. I don’t usually write short stories but the Lawyers in Hell novel seems to be a great outlet for the creative side of me that I don’t usually get to mess with. I think anyone who buys this book will come away pleased by the overall quality of the short stories inside. It has something for everyone and it should be out this summer.

In the meantime, go play. It’s lovely outside today, despite the wind.

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