Rain and Crime

They say that amateurs built the Ark while professionals built the Titanic.

This rain keeps coming down and I may need one. You can probably guess which one I’d willingly hop aboard.

So I wrote a decent amount yesterday, which is normally not much news. However, for the first time ever I was able to write something in first person point of view (POV). It’s part of the Heroes in Hell series, the short story for the book Adventurers in Hell. It’s been fun, channeling my inner conquistador while writing about him in Hell. The best part is that it’s been rather easy writing about his viewpoint, which is something I always had trouble with before. I’ve never really been satisfied with what I put down when writing first person, yet with Juan Ponce de Leon I’m able to.

Yeah, I’m in a great mood.

Someone broke into Bill’s office this morning and… stole thumb tacks, candy and prescription pad with only two sheets left on it. The alleged perpetrator then proceeded to panic when he couldn’t figure out the front door (keys for the locks, no latches) and, instead of going back out the way he had come it, smashed out the window in the door. He managed to make it two blocks before the police caught him. On his possession was thumb tacks, some candy and a prescription pad.


That was just a reminder to all you writers out there: most criminals aren’t super geniuses. Sometimes it’s a better story to have someone who is bumbling and inept going up against your hero.

Just sayin’…

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