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It hurts to type right now. I have an infected hangnail on my ring finger, so this’ll be brief.

Bad news from Japan: an 8.9 earthquake struck there this morning (well, morning for me). That killed some people and caused massive property damage. But as usual, it was the follow-up which caused the most loss of life. A tsunami washed ashore, killing reportedly hundreds. Now, this isn’t nearly as bad as what happened back in the Indonesia tsunami of 2004, but Japan, unlike most of the rest of the Pacific Rim, has tsunami safeguards up and running. This time, unfortunately, it didn’t matter.

Hopefully Japan will get the fires and flooding under control and get back on their feet. The Japanese are good people and smart, they’ll probably have this rebuilt and fixed very fast. Here’s to hoping they do so, and that the kami of Japan can recover and thrive once more.

One thought on “Tsunami

  1. Definitely hoping. The thing is, they’re saying potentially upwards of 80 THOUSAND missing right now. There’s a passenger train that’s actually missing.

    This may be a hell of a lot worse than it looked at first…

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