Buy Me A Drink!

You would think that with as many hits as I get on certain pages (primarily, Corruptor’s page) that I’d see an increase in sales. Or at least a few extra. But it seems that momentum is slowing down once more, which is to be expected. I’ve put the word out as best as I can, now it’s up to the readers. The only thing I can dangle for a carrot is the sequel. Yes, sequel. You don’t think I would leave it the way it ended, did you?

I’m also confident that the release of the upcoming three anthologies I’m (pretty certain) going to be in will motivate a few more sales. The ebook price of Corruptor is back up to $5.35 from $3.50, but it’s still not that bad of a price. I’d prefer it to be around $2.99 but that’s me. The publisher sets the price.

Okay, back to work. I have deadlines to meet. They owe me a drink.

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