It’s April, Fool!

Yeah, it’s April Fool’s Day. I’m not participating.

Call me a spoilsport, but my inbox has been flooded with people telling me that they are moving (Piper, you can’t move if you guys own the only successful business in town!), are pregnant (four dozen men and women alone… the hell are they putting in the water these days?) or are in love with me (my guy pals need to knock it off… it’s a little creepy). I don’t like messing with people like that, simply because I am a gullible person who usually believes what people tell me. Age has made me slightly cynical, but my first inclination is to believe someone — no matter how insane the claim may be. It got me into a lot of trouble when I was a teenager…

Thankfully for you, I’m the only person who is ignoring the jokes.

Over at Whatever, John Scalzi has broken and told people about his brand spanking new super secret project. I take it with a grain of salt because, after all, I’m cynical and it’s April 1st. I don’t care how real that damned contract looks, John! Or how real that cover looks! I’ve seen elaborate ruses, such as the one that occurred down the street from me this morning.

Superagent Mike Kabongo sold another series for his client, but then again, it’s April 1st. You can read more about the “alleged” sale here.

Man, I am one curmudgeonly old man today… and I’m not even in my mid-30’s yet! Must be the coffee talking.



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