Hugos Are Nominated

Yes, loyal minions, I feel your pain. Not only was I not nominated for a Hugo this year (lamentations!), I failed to secure a nod for the John W Campbell Award. However, Larry Correia did, so I’m rooting for him to win it.

Thoughts on the Hugos:

  • …I really am annoyed that Cryoburn was nominated. Not that it was a horrible book, but because I think it was nominated due to name recognition only. That’s not a bad thing, just… annoying. It wasn’t a terrific book, just a good one. But I’m under some self-delusional thought that to win a Hugo your book must be amazing. Of course, I still think the favorite to win is The Dervish House.
  • …There were only four nominations for short story this year, which makes next year look very, very nice for the few of us in Lawyers in Hell who stayed below the maximum word count for the division. Of course, if it comes down to Sarah Hulcy and me, I’m voting for Sarah.
  • …if F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury doesn’t win for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form, I’m not voting for John Scalzi for President next year and will be convinced that the voting parties bathe in the blood of newborn kittens.
  • …I find it odd that Toni Weiskopf didn’t get nominated for Best Editor, Long Form. However, I am glad to see that Lou Anders was. He’s released some terrific books this past year at Pyr.
Those are my scattered and random thoughts. The complete list can be found here. Any differing opinions of the Hugos?

3 thoughts on “Hugos Are Nominated

  1. My vote is for Connie Willis in the novel category; the Hugo voters love her and ALL CLEAR is a worthy novel about a subject everyone loves — WW II. (And yes, I agree that LMB got a nomination partly due to name recognition. CRYOBURN was good, yes. But no way did it beat ALL CLEAR, and I don’t think it beat the other ones, either. If the Hugo voters go for CRYOBURN over ALL CLEAR or any of the others, I’m going to wonder how obsessed with death they are.)

  2. World War II is one of those subjects voters like to get behind, as if they’re not being patriotic (to whatever country) if they don’t. I haven’t read two of the final list — I was annoyed that Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s excellent MOUSE AND DRAGON didn’t make it but I don’t know if it was even on the long list (wasn’t paying attention) as that was the best book of the year in SF/F as far as I was concerned. (Overall, best book was POISONING THE PRESS, but that’s non-fiction; not even sure who’d be able to nominate it.)

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