Building Stuff

Hrm… my desk is getting messier than allowable. I’m not nesting, am I? I must rectify this today sometime, probably after I finish up In the Shadow of Paradise, another short story I hope to sell to the next Heroes in Hell book (Adventurers in Hell). It’s a better story than And Injustice For All, so there shouldn’t be any problems there. This is the Juan Ponce de Leon story, for those paying attention, that was originally titled The Shadow Behind You. That title didn’t vibe with the overall story, though, so I made an editorial change (go Mr. Editor).

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to Dean Wesley Smith’s blog lately, mainly because he’s showing people how to set up a publishing house. While more than a few of you will groan as I’m back on that idea warpath yet again, the thought of doing the self-publishing route scares the ever-living crap out of me. However, it’s also the only way I know to publish and market the book exactly how I want it. Plus, since it’s an ebook (with maybe POD later), there’s really no difference between slapping a small-press publisher label on it and watch it languish, out of my control, as other books have in past. The best part of it, though, would be the creation of my own publishing label, which fills me with giddiness.

Granted, there’s a lot more to this than just slapping a label on this and sending it out (at least, I hope so… I’ve seen some small press publishers that might argue with me about that one), but, as with any writer/editor/publisher, seeing your product out there for people to browse and look over makes you really happy. Granted, sales driving sequels and reprints would make you even more giddy, but still…

(Sparlings are back, making a nest right outside the window. Last year they built a nest in the old grill. They’re making a gawd awful racket out there too)

I’ve got the name of the press (not revealing that yet 🙂 sorry) in mind, and an artist to help with the creation of the logo. I have everything I need (except for the block of ISBN numbers, which will come later as I get closer to doing this (if I do)), just need to take this plunge.

But not yet… got some more writing to do. I’ll nest afterwards.

4 thoughts on “Building Stuff

  1. Jason, I thought that your first story, in lawyers in Hell, was droll and deft. We’ll be looking forward to this ‘better’ one. I assume you mean more ambitious, because your story “And Injustice For All” in Lawyers in Hell had some of my toughest readers giggling with delight. Janet Morris

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