The Working Man

Part of the writing process often involves sitting back, looking over what you've done, feeling pleased and accomplished with yourself, and then ruthlessly cutting most of it during the edits. My writer--brain screams in pain every time I do this. My editor--brain chuckles evilly. One of the things I've seen over the years is that … Continue reading The Working Man


So that "overreaction" on my part about agents becoming e-publishers and the conflict of interests I posted about a few months back? Nothing to see here folks, move along please. First: I don't have a dog in this fight, just an opinion and a genuine fear. If you're an agent, please feel free to browse my wares. … Continue reading Messy

Another Salvo

Wednesday, it was Ed Victor. Today, it's Curtis Brown. Afraid of being left behind in a new money-earning venture, lit agent giant Curtis Brown announced today that they were exploring bringing out-of-print titles back into the publishing venue by creating their own publishing branch. I was against Mr. Victor's push into publishing, partly because of … Continue reading Another Salvo

A Very Bad Idea

In the past few weeks, we have heard rumblings on the borders of a coming war. Between traditional publishing and the battles for authors to retain their e-rights to the industry, as a whole, ignoring the vast importance of the growing ebook phenomenon, authors have been watching as the entire industry has begun to adapt (poorly) … Continue reading A Very Bad Idea