Looooong Update

I have been without internet for most of the morning, so I got a lot of writing done minus my usual research (i.e., annoying Leo, pestering my boss, and so on…). This means, naturally, that about 80% of it I’m going to have to cut out eventually. In the meantime, though, I started the Catechism story for book 4 of the Sha’Daa series. For some reason, Constantinople (or was it Istanbul in 1923?) seemed like a good place to start things off. And I made him English, which was a surprise even to me. This story is heavily influenced by a classic piece of work which fell into my lap recently. After reading it, I’m not certain just how it became a classic piece of work. I imagined, for an instant, some professor at some backend college telling his four students that this book “is a modern classic”.

A modern classic isn’t going to have horribly drawn out scenes, one dimensional (and whiny, dear God are they whiny!) characters and a decided lack of compelling plot. Just saying.

So I finally finished Stephen Zimmer’s The Exodus Gate (Book #1 of the Rising Gate Series), a book I purchased back in February from the author at Mysticon. Yes, I’m a slacker. However, it’s a really big book and I’m almost certain that Stephen understands. A quick summation of the book: Corruptor meets the Bible.

Naturally, it’s much more complicated than that, but if I was forced to make a snap “What’s this book like?” decision, that’s what I would say, with a caveat about how his world is much more diverse and strange. While mine is simple virtual reality, his consists of multiple realities and dimensions.

Of course, now I’m going to have to buy the next two books in the series. Given how long it took me just to complete the first, I should be finished with the series in 2013. Unless he keeps adding books, in which case I’m screwed.

I’m cancelling my book signing at B&N in June because, technically, I’ll no longer be a local author, which was how I got invited in the first place. I hope that there are some really neat local bookstores in Lexington, however, so Stephen and other authors in the area will show me who to go to and who to avoid. Maybe a few would want to carry Corruptor on their shelves, who knows? If not, I’ve still got Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Fictionwise selling my books online.

Lawyers in Hell, book #13 of the Heroes in Hell series, is all set to go. I’m really excited about this book, because there are some really strong stories in it. Soon after that is Pawns, book #3 of the Sha’Daa series, though I’m uncertain who else has theirs done yet. I know mine is done, as well as Michael’s, Ed’s, and a few others, though I don’t think it’s nearly enough to cross that magical 100K word count yet.

Sometime this summer, barring a breakthrough elsewhere, Books #1 & 2 of the Cole Chronicles will go up online for sale. I think the price will be low, merely $3.99 for the ebook or perhaps bundling the first two together for $5.99 (saving the buyer $2.00). Not sure how high the print price will be yet, but I can guarantee that the covers will be very nice for both the ebook and print. Maybe in December book #3 (The Eternal Dragon) will be out, just in time for Christmas. Not sure yet. Typesetting that is going to be… fun. I wonder if I should find another artist to do the interior? That’s a thought. I wonder what that adds to the printing cost…

Also found out that work is being very accommodating and I will be at both Fandom Fest and Libertycon in July. I’m still hoping a hotel room opens up in the main hotel, though I’ve got my room reserved next door just in case. Rates are reasonable at the backup hotel, better than the rates at the primary. I wonder if I’m doing the right thing, trying to get into the primary hotel…

Hey, it’s Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy the time with the family and remember just why people get Monday off of work. Have a good one.

(internet’s back, that’s why this is up finally)

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