In the Shadow of Paradise is finished. It’s at one of the first readers/editors now, hopefully without any continuity errors. After that comes the fine toothed comb. That’s going to be about as much fun as a colonoscopy, but more productive I’m certain.

I like the ending of the story. I didn’t like the original ending of And Injustice for All, and (thankfully) Chris and Janet told me why they didn’t like it, either. Some fixing and 8 hour surgical corrections later and I came to love the ending. For this story, it is neatly tied up and reveals just what the true prize someone – or some thing – is trying to steal from Ponce de Leon.

…stupid Disney movie, using my character…

Next up: Catechism story. Gotta write that before June 15. No problem. I can do this.

Quick! Someone get me a bottle of bourbon! It’s going to be flame-tastic!

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