Schedule News

For those of you who were interested in what my FandomFest schedule looks like on July22-24, here it is.

4:00PM — Panel Room A: Introducing Some Up and Coming Faces in Speculative Fiction

9:00PM — Panel Room A: Writing in Someone Else’s World

9:00AM — Panel Room B:  Techniques for Good Short Fiction

8:00PM — Panel Room B: Putting the Science in Science Fiction and Keeping Ahead

Now, knowing me, can you guess which panel I’ll be half-asleep on? I don’t know who’ll be on what panel with me yet, but it should be interesting at least.

Also, don’t forget, Libertycon is the weekend before (July 15-17). My schedule at that one is known and, even better, I know who my fellow panelists are.

Note to self: don’t harass Toni or she’ll beat me with a bludger.

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