Captain America Hates Slackers

Gah, I’m such a slacker. I forgot to update yesterday. Captain America just beat me up for laziness.

Had Crouching Seal, Sleeping Dragon independently “proofed” and found some more mistakes that both the editor and I missed. Mildly embarrassing, but thankfully the proofer only required dinner as payment. I’ll get those mistakes corrected and sent off to the Ed. later this week. Still, you would think that the mistakes I was making before wouldn’t be cropping up still in my writing. Ugh.

As I mentioned before, I’ve got my Libertycon schedule prepped and ready to go. I’ll be doing a lot of panels (and a reading featuring me and only me!) so there’ll be plenty of time to grab me to sign your copy of Corruptor or Lawyers in Hell. I’ll be posting my schedule on Monday so everyone can stalk me easily. Though, looking at the guest list, I’m certain most of the people there will be stalking the “real” authors (I just looked at the Libertycon24 schedule and saw that Pete Abrams will be there. I vow to not insult him again (accidentally or otherwise)), like Sarah Hoyt or John Ringo.

Okay, time for some more work to accomplish.

…listening to music and blogging is work, right? Right? No?

Damn it.

3 thoughts on “Captain America Hates Slackers

  1. Somebody once told me, when you stop making mistakes, you’re dead. So keep finding new ways to make those mistakes.

    Sage advice from a prior generation… I think he was a farmer or a logger or something, but it seems to apply.

    It’s great to hear about the newest story, I’ll have to hunt it down when it comes out.

    • It’s already out, Daniel. It’s available at Amazon inside the anthology “Lawyers in Hell”.

      • *shaking head ruefully* Does it show that I’m running on three hours sleep nightly… I totally missed that connection, [head >> desk]

        Ok, time to go pick up the book and get back to drafting here… plotting is waaay harder that I thought…

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