Fre Friday

I swear I’m tempted to start a thing called “Fré Friday”.

Why “Fré” and not “Free”? Well, because by the end of the week I, along with everyone else in a civilized world, am pretty much frayed and at the end of the rope. We’re all exhausted, tired and ready to kill. Well, okay, I’m ready to kill.

So what does the peanut gallery say? Want something free, every Friday, to help you prep for the weekend? To ease that nasty, combative feeling you have towards your fellow man (or woman) before you resort to violence, perhaps you’d like a free piece of the pie? A free sample of the sequel to Corruptor, perhaps? Or…

How does a free chapter a week sound? If people want this, I’ll put up a free chapter a week of Obliterator until the entire book is posted.


Are you mad? Perhaps. I don’t want to go into details about that psyche eval right now.

Won’t you lose money? Again, perhaps. Perhaps not. If people read the sequel, they’ll think “Well damn, I should’ve bought the first book”. The more people who buy the first book, the more people who’ll read the sequel for free and get it.

But… why free? Why not cheap, like $0.99 on Amazon? If there’s enough of a demand for it, then yeah, I could potentially do that. Assuming the publisher of Corruptor doesn’t want it, of course, since she has first refusal of rights for everything in the Warp universe. You see, unless she says “I don’t want it, you can sell it elsewhere” then I can’t put an ePub of it up somewhere. I’d love for it to be over at Darwin’s Evolutions, for example, but I don’t think that’s going to happen without some minor squabbling. If I give it away, then it’s my prerogative.

So… should I do this? Or should I sit on it and see if someone wants to publish the damn thing?

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