Weekend Road Trip

So yeah, I’ve been working the “real” job so much this past week that I haven’t had time to update here.


This Thursday I leave for Libertycon24 in Chattanooga, TN. Next weekend I’m in Louisville, KY for FandomFest. In between, I have a short story due.


The schedule for Libertycon24 is as follows

  • Friday, 5Pm — Room A: I’ll be reading the entire short story from Lawyers in Hell,  titled And Injustice For All. You may have heard me talk about that one a little bit. Just perhaps?
  • Friday, 6pm — Room A&B: Opening Ceremonies. I might pop my head in, but I’ll be there primarily to sign autographs. If you bought a copy of Corruptor or Lawyers in Hell, then I’ll sign it.
  • Friday, 9pm — Room B: I’ll be with editor/publisher Janet Morris, Chris Morris and the rest of the writers from Lawyers in Hell answering all the questions people may have about the series. It’s going to be a huge panel (15 panelists) so be aware that I might not do a lot of talking. That’s a good thing, right?
  • Friday, 10pm — Room C: I’ll be hanging with Toni Weiskopf, Michael Z Williamson and John Ringo and talking about the possible growing cultural divide between military and civilians.
  • Saturday, 11am — Room B: At this ungodly hour I’ll be with Janet & Chris Morris, Michael Z Williamson and John Ringo and I’ll be trying to keep up with the new horizons of SF.
  • Saturday, 6pm — Room B: This’ll be a reading from Lawyers in Hell for all the authors. However, since I’m reading my short story in its entirety Friday night, I will be simply hanging out.
  • Saturday, 11pm — Room A: Finally! This panel I’ll get to talk more about Kasyarna, my massive sea dragon, in the Sha’Daa series created by Michael H Hanson. I’m not sure what all we’re going to talk about, but I do know that bringing in Navy SEALs to deal with a sleeping sea dragon is just itching for something bad to happen.
  • Sunday, 12pm — Room A: Last panel of the con. I’ll be hanging with Michael Z Williamson (again), along with Janet & Chris Morris and John Ringo and discussing if writing military SF requires military experience.

That’s the con schedule. Yes, I’ll be a busy boy. No time for carousing, drinking or cutthroat killer spades (sigh). I guess David Weber won’t have the opportunity to make me look like a fool again.

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