I think I’m starting to recover from Libertycon24… just in time for FandomFest!

Plus side: I’ve got everything I need for the con already packed!

Down side: I haven’t unpacked and washed everything I need for the con.

Conclusion: I’ll be doing laundry today.

The final decision to close Borders (unless someone buys them out at last minute, which doesn’t look like it’s going to happen) is going to change the landscape. I’ve been shopping at Borders for as long as I can remember, and even worked for them one summer while in college. I’m not sure how their upper management was run, but I enjoyed being a part of the team at the store I had been at.

But with their departure, a new player can now step into the game. Joseph-Beth is a familiar name if you’re from the Kentucky-Ohio-Indiana region. They have some big names lined up in the coming weeks for autograph sessions — Jim Butcher and George R. R. Martin to name two. There’s one right here in town not too far from me where I was thinking I might want to do a signing someday.

Oh, if you were looking to buy a copy of Corruptor, I only have 3 copies, all of which are being reserved for FandomFest (barring that, someone has claimed them if they don’t sell there). Barnes & has to best deal right now on the book ($15.20?) and I won’t be getting any new copies in until September at the earliest. The next opportunity to get your book signed is in February at Mysticon. After that it’s a crap-shoot. Maybe Stellarcon, possibly one other. Probably Libertycon25 (almost a full calendar year away, which by that point I could have more books out) and that should be it.

Not much else going on. Moving into my permanent house on Aug 13, so don’t mind me if I get quiet on here for a week or so. Getting an appointment scheduled for hooking up the cable is a pain in the butt.

Okay, time to get some work done.

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