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Book Release Day!

It’s release day for Devastator, book 2 of The Warp and direct sequel to Corruptor, the very first novel I had published under my own name. Let’s get that Amazon rank up there and leave some reviews so people will think “Hey, fun YA that’s age-appropriate!”


Devastator – Book 2 of The Warp


Quick Update

So when Corruptor went live last Friday, I neglected to mention that there is new content within as well as a new ending. The print book also went from 300 pages to 450. Yeah, that’s a bit of a jump. Best of all, the novel (and series) was reclassified as YA, which is what it had been written as originally before I changed it for the original publisher.

Pick up a copy and leave a review. You’ll make an author happy.


Corruptor – Book 1 of The Warp

Book Release Day!

So today Corruptor (Book 1 of The Warp) went live for a second time and is available for purchase. It has entirely new content within as well as a new cover on the outside. The print version is over 450 pages!!!


Corruptor – Published Sept 8, 2017

Secondly, I’m giving away the novella The Dead of Babylon from now until Monday. It’s alt-history with a dash of horror. I enjoyed writing it and might one day revisit the idea.

In the meantime, don’t forget to leave reviews!

Troll Baiting

So apparently trolls are all the rage these days. I had no idea.

I love reading the blogs of authors I like to… uh, read? That sounded a lot better in my head. Anyway, so I was reading Larry Correia’s blog around 5 this morning and saw that there was a troll in the dungeon. I read quite a few of the comments and thought “Yay! Troll baiting!”

Troll baiting, you see, is a time-honored practice among the men and women of the woolly north who use tactics such as snarkiness, double entendres and wit to manipulate, control and, when they grow bored of the game, destroy trolls. Trolls are sometimes fun, but usually just filled with daddy-hating rage, angst, and emoish outlook at the world. Because as everyone knows, everyone is a special little snowflake.

But… Larry denied me the opportunity to troll bait, because he banned McStalker (the other nickname I had was inappropriate and while I know people would get a good chuckle out of this, people from the church I sometimes go to read this blog and then they start asking me pointed questions when I see then again… *sigh*) and I came in too late. I moped a bit, then decided to go be whiny on my blog and troll myself.

Ah, the things I do for entertainment.

Jay (from the Beta Alpha Squad-Team Awesome Reader Division) just sent me back the heavily edited Wraithkin. So I know what I’ll be doing while stuck at home during this supposed ice storm that’s going to hit tonight. Still, he said it “didn’t suck” which, from him, is high praise indeed. I need to re-organize the beginning, add the scene I thought about writing then discarded because I didn’t know where it would fit in at, and clean it up before submitting. No big deal, except that the word count is probably going to climb.

That’s… actually not a bad thing, since it was on the short side at 92,000 words. Remember, Corruptor was at 117,000 words, so Wraithkin is shorter than what I’m used to.

*sigh* I’m still annoyed, by the way, that I wasn’t even invited to go troll baiting…

Reading + Writer = Slacker!

I love it when a bunch of books I can’t wait to read are all released at the same time. You can literally see my writing come screeching to a halt.

In two days I’ve purchased and finished Jim Butcher’s Cold Days, his latest in the Dresden Files, and Kevin Hearne’s fifth book of his Iron Druid series, Trapped. The best part about the two is that their voices (and bizarre, tongue in cheek humor) are similar to one another. I need to buy Hearne’s books in print eventually (I own them all in ebooks), but I have to recommend them to everyone. You know, I should probably get around to reviewing them over at SBR.

Did some more writing on a book I shouldn’t be touching until the Christian Cole rewrites are finished, but my muse is flogging me and desiring that the written word be put into first person and not Christian Cole. So now I’m stuck trying to channel a teenage girl who happens to be a werewolf (please, no jokes. This is embarrassing enough as is) and kills Cullens (heh). On the plus side, I’v written 3,000 words of Burnt Moon (title subject to change) over the past two days, bringing it to 12,000 total, which is 1/8 of the way to my goal. Go team!

Anyways, don’t forget that Corruptor is still on sale over at Amazon for only $3.99 on Kindle. Makes a great Christmas present (or Hannakuh, or Kwanzaa, or Flying Spaghetti Boiling Day, whichever you prefer) for anyone.

Don’t worry, your well-spent money goes to a good cause.

Yep, rent.


Hey, someone felt sorry for me and went ahead and let my muse speak. Scary, right?

Well, here’s the link.

Also, writing. I’ll be around for a real update soon.

Well Paid Hack

Not apologizing for the lack of updates. Would you rather read this or read something in print (or e-book)?

Thought so. Yes, I was working on Wraithkin and Failsafe. I’m also working on Heroes & Rogues, which needs to be done in about two weeks. Oops.

I keep linking to both Amanda Green‘s and Sarah Hoyt‘s blogs because of their views and opinions about the Big Six publishing houses who are currently under investigation by the DOJ here in the US for price collusion (which, for those of you who don’t know, is also called “agency pricing” and a “monopoly”, which violates all sorts of laws). I agree with them (mostly), and find their stuff to be very useful, both creatively and professionally. Plus, I really am a fan of both authors. Amanda has an excellent series about shape shifters  that is very entertaining and everyone should go and give the first book a shot. Ignore the cover art.

Besides, isn’t it against the rules to judge a book by its cover?

Anyway, the reason I bring them up today is that I just replied to an article Sarah wrote about a non-fiction writer who is afraid that the Big Six publishing houses falling will end non-fiction writing. Sarah laid it out fairly well why the author is worrying about locking the corral well after the horses have escaped (my analogy… you like?) and then I proceed to, well, just about lose it — in a good way.

You see, a lot of non-fiction writers accuse fiction writers (me!) of pulling crap from air. Granted, a lot of our ideas might seem like they’re coming from thin air but the brain (so far as I know) is not a densely packaged organ filled with air (no blonde jokes people). But I know that I research like crazy (historian, remember?) for anything that might be looked at by my readers (I still get crap from my Beta readers about putting a safety on a Glock in my first draft of Corruptor, for example). I mean, I know a lot of the computer stuff in Corruptor was… off. But it had to be “off” in a reasonable way to explain technological advances in 20+ years while making it readable and understandable to the now. It needed research, and lots of it.

Now, I’ve accused fantasy authors of pulling crap out of their butts before (I still do, actually, for which I’m mildly apologetic about), but this fiction v. nonfiction thing is different. This is an entirely different argument (besides, we all know that there is no practical way for any fantasy author to make magic work other than being a “gift from the gods”… ;-)) about how much effort and energy goes into researching. Fiction authors research just as much (if not more) than nonfiction, but we fiction writers don’t need to cite our sources. Building the Appendix is probably the actual hardest part of writing a nonfiction book because you have to remember where what is cited. We don’t have to do this, and I think it makes them jealous. In retaliation, they strike back and accuse us of being “hacks”.

Hacks get paid? I can be a hack.

I can be a well-paid hack, too.

Now back to writing my “pulled from air” crap. I got bills to pay.

I Got Nothing

Feeling a bit melancholy today, so I went ahead and started listening to music from the Final Fantasy series. You know, that game series that pretty much shaped my formative years (okay, Final Fantasy III and beyond)? Yeah, that one.

Hey, speaking of, if it’s called Final Fantasy, why are there fourteen games in the series? I always wondered…

…and now my playlist decided on Apocalyptica’s version of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”. Yeah, even my computer is being melancholy.

Yes, ooh shiny moment. Anyhow…

I’m not sure about my summer convention schedule at the moment, mainly because I have a few deadlines looming (10! Motherfreakin’ 10!!! What the hell was I on when I agreed to all these?!?!!?) and I’m beginning to think I might be a little late on a few of them. The main ones need to be finished by June 1, but fortunately those are three short stories that I am (more or less) about finished with. The scary ones that are looking to screw up my con schedule are The Green Jewel, The Midnight CrewFailsafe and Wraithkin (Failsafe and Wraithkin both need to be in the hands of someone other than myself by the end of summer and holy crap I am so behind). Then I really need to finish Orchimedes, start Wraithguard, convince Corruptor’s publisher to pick up Obliterator, get with one of my coauthors about our collab project (still untitled but pretty much being written as I speak), finish Of Sloth and Woe… dear God, this is getting crazy.

I need a drink just from reading all that.

On the plus side… uh, yeah. I got nothing.

Here’s a picture of my cat.

Not sure if this is my cat or if I am his human.

Olympic Sport of Procrastinating

Seriously, gatos. It's not like you'd know what to do with me even if you did catch me... which you never will, because you lack thumbs and can't unlock screen doors.

There is a male cardinal on my bird feeder right now, tormenting my kitties. He chirps, they chirp back.

The brainwashing has begun. Excellent

Received my first royalty check last week and (I’m rich! Rich! Bite me, haters! Muwahaha!) can now buy myself dinner. Yeah, really. Authors don’t generally make a lot of money, you know? We have to have second jobs (or in my case, four, because I can’t help but to work this much) to pay off the majority of the bills.

But yeah, this check was for Corruptor, which has done surprisingly well (considering all the crap that happened leading up to the release) for being such a small little novel (little as in 120,000 words, but I digress) with hardly any publicity behind it. Of course, the first quarter in sales was the best so far, and I don’t think I’ll see those numbers ever again. At least, not until other books take off and people hear that I’d written this “other” book long, long ago.

Yes, I have delusions of grandeur. Sue me.

Still writing, still working, still reviewing. In fact, I have a review going up today over at SBR. It was a disappointing book, but I survived. Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing Allison Weir’s The Wars of the Roses. That was a much better book, though she does have one annoying habit in her writing style that nearly drove me crazy.

We’re hoping for a July release of Rogues in Hell, which features In the Shadow of Paradise, my contribution. You can see a brief snippet of it here. One of my favorite short stories to date. We’re also hoping to see both What Scares the Boogeyman? and Sha’Daa: Pawns before the year is out. Still not sure what timeframe we have for Wraithkin (75% done) or if we’re going to have a sequel for Corruptor (still debating if I want to get Obliterator published or just kill it).

I should read some more. I’ve got Robert Hoyt’s Cat’s Paw and it’s sitting there, mocking me, reminding me that I only have an hour a day or so right now of free time to read and I should be reading it. Blargh.

Okay, enough procrastinating. I swear, if it was an Olympic event I’d gold medal it every single time…

Burnt Marshmallow

A lot of people were probably expecting a 9/11 post from me. I decided that enough people were paying their respects so I saved my electrons.

Instead, I’m pimping the book (again). If you go here, you can find Corruptor on sale (print version) for only $11.89. That’s eight bucks cheaper than my publisher is offering it. That’s a great deal.

Also, Lawyers in Hell is available here for $16.29. That’s still cheaper than anywhere else and it’ll help get the next book in the series (Adventurers in Hell) on the bookshelves faster.

Oh, if you buy Corruptor, that’ll entice me to release Obliterator that much faster. Trust me, you’re going to want this book… To quote a great (fictional) man, I’m going to burn the world to stop one evil.

Burn it like a marshmallow.