Book Release Day!

It's release day for Devastator, book 2 of The Warp and direct sequel to Corruptor, the very first novel I had published under my own name. Let's get that Amazon rank up there and leave some reviews so people will think "Hey, fun YA that's age-appropriate!"

Quick Update

So when Corruptor went live last Friday, I neglected to mention that there is new content within as well as a new ending. The print book also went from 300 pages to 450. Yeah, that's a bit of a jump. Best of all, the novel (and series) was reclassified as YA, which is what it had been... Continue Reading →

Book Release Day!

So today Corruptor (Book 1 of The Warp) went live for a second time and is available for purchase. It has entirely new content within as well as a new cover on the outside. The print version is over 450 pages!!! Secondly, I'm giving away the novella The Dead of Babylon from now until Monday. It's alt-history with a... Continue Reading →

Troll Baiting

So apparently trolls are all the rage these days. I had no idea. I love reading the blogs of authors I like to... uh, read? That sounded a lot better in my head. Anyway, so I was reading Larry Correia's blog around 5 this morning and saw that there was a troll in the dungeon. I read... Continue Reading →

Reading + Writer = Slacker!

I love it when a bunch of books I can't wait to read are all released at the same time. You can literally see my writing come screeching to a halt. In two days I've purchased and finished Jim Butcher's Cold Days, his latest in the Dresden Files, and Kevin Hearne's fifth book of his Iron... Continue Reading →


Hey, someone felt sorry for me and went ahead and let my muse speak. Scary, right? Well, here's the link. Also, writing. I'll be around for a real update soon.

Well Paid Hack

Not apologizing for the lack of updates. Would you rather read this or read something in print (or e-book)? Thought so. Yes, I was working on Wraithkin and Failsafe. I'm also working on Heroes & Rogues, which needs to be done in about two weeks. Oops. I keep linking to both Amanda Green's and Sarah Hoyt's blogs because of... Continue Reading →

I Got Nothing

Feeling a bit melancholy today, so I went ahead and started listening to music from the Final Fantasy series. You know, that game series that pretty much shaped my formative years (okay, Final Fantasy III and beyond)? Yeah, that one. Hey, speaking of, if it's called Final Fantasy, why are there fourteen games in the... Continue Reading →

Olympic Sport of Procrastinating

There is a male cardinal on my bird feeder right now, tormenting my kitties. He chirps, they chirp back. The brainwashing has begun. Excellent... Received my first royalty check last week and (I'm rich! Rich! Bite me, haters! Muwahaha!) can now buy myself dinner. Yeah, really. Authors don't generally make a lot of money, you know?... Continue Reading →

Burnt Marshmallow

A lot of people were probably expecting a 9/11 post from me. I decided that enough people were paying their respects so I saved my electrons. Instead, I'm pimping the book (again). If you go here, you can find Corruptor on sale (print version) for only $11.89. That's eight bucks cheaper than my publisher is... Continue Reading →


I think I'm starting to recover from Libertycon24... just in time for FandomFest! Plus side: I've got everything I need for the con already packed! Down side: I haven't unpacked and washed everything I need for the con. Conclusion: I'll be doing laundry today. The final decision to close Borders (unless someone buys them out... Continue Reading →

Fre Friday

I swear I'm tempted to start a thing called "Fré Friday". Why "Fré" and not "Free"? Well, because by the end of the week I, along with everyone else in a civilized world, am pretty much frayed and at the end of the rope. We're all exhausted, tired and ready to kill. Well, okay, I'm... Continue Reading →

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