Work Update

End of the world averted, apparently. Who knew that giving someone another credit card instead of telling them to pay off the first two would be “prudent fiscal advice”? I hope people remember this later when their teenager (very reasonably) asserts that they do not need to pay off their old credit card you (…wisely?) got them but, in fact, need a bigger one instead.

Anyhow, been super busy this past week, trying to catch up on work emails, proposals, wrapping up stories (Yes, I know I need to finish that story… sorry) and trying to spare some energy to rewrite both Christian Cole novels. Oh, and finishing up the other novels that are sitting on my desktop right now, glaring at me. Evil glares. Evil.

I’m very glad that I finished In the Shadow of Paradise before this work craziness came about. It still needs to be edited (I think I can cut 500 words from it) before it’s at the “approved” status for the next Heroes in Hell novel, but I’m happy with the unedited version for now. I can tighten it up a bit, cut some overly-descriptive narrative (I’m a novelist, not a short story…ist) and that would probably make everyone else happy too.

I never thought that it would be hard trying to juggle a 40+ hour a week job with a 40 hour a week paying job.

Okay, time to get some other work done.

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