Work and Richify Me

I love the spam comments which don’t make it past my filter on here.

My favorite one is “+1!! Luv your site, click here to get better”. I just need to know. Get better at what? Better plusses? Better… food? Booze? Women? I get confuzzled, though it’s still entertaining.

A day off… yay! I’m going to be lazy and write fiction for a change instead of work-work. I was told that if I wanted to be all richified and stuff, I would have to rewrite some of my books. Okay, fine. Richify me.

(That’s not a real word, by the way)

Also, mailing out my dad’s copy of “Lawyers in Hell” next week. Don’t tell him. I don’t think he knows I’m one of them writer-types yet. I don’t think he was impressed with the last book I sent (Corruptor), so we’ll see if this one impresses him more.

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