Exhaustion is laying waste to my sanity.

This is exciting. I have named it Godzilla.

Exhaustion, not my sanity.

Now that I am (more or less) settled into my new place, I can start doing Shiny Book Review once more. I’ll have to contact all those poor publishers who had been holding off sending us more books to review (oh, woe is them, right?) and let them know that we are back fully and raring to go.

I discovered that Doc Travis (Dr. Travis S. Taylor), a good friend of mine, is getting another show on NatGeo this fall. I’d heard about it before but today was the first time I was actually able to confirm it. Here is the link for those of you who are interested. I hope that people will give his show a chance– he’s a very sharp guy who can explain particle physics in layman’s terms. I didn’t enjoy all of his books, but I do like most of them.

As for me, well, I finished The Cold second draft last night after work and need to clean it up. I’m closing in on finishing up my War Bride story, tentatively titled The Poet Bushido. I also have been making progress on the Catechism story (A Promise Made), though I’m going to be pushing the deadline on that one. However, so far I am on schedule for my goals of what I need to finish for 2011. Well, for the short stories at least. Still working on that rewrite of Wraithkin, as well as The Green Jewel and The Midnight Crew.

Stupid novels…



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  1. Good luck with your exhaustion monster, currently wrecking havoc from the frontal lobes to the ol’ reptile brain.

    And hope you’ll soon be in position to be tackling good books and spreading the word on some of the fine authors putting pen to paper these days.



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