So today Sarah Hoyt is talking about outlining over at her blog. It’s a fascinating piece that really can help aspiring authors (if they’re really looking for help rather than finding a medium to bitch to about how the publishing world is out to get them) and actually made me stop and think about my own outlining process.

…crap. I forgot to mail out the contract for Crouching Seal, Sleeping Dragon this morning while out. Gah. Will do so when I go back out again…

More deadlines approaching, most of which I’m eyeballing with a tad bit trepidation. I’m honestly worried that I might, for the first time since 2005, not finish a novel this year. Granted, I have 4 of them in the “almost completed” stage (which would make 2012 a banner year for me), but having to restart Wraithkin killed 2011. Ah well, such is life I suppose. It’s not as though I’m annoyed at myself for not finishing Wraithkin, but annoyed with Wraithkin for being such a difficult story to tell. I never thought that the prototypical Romeo and Juliet story would be so hard. It’s almost as thought the ghost of Shakespeare is hovering over my shoulder, berating me for my desire to rewrite that Scottish play and fix his mistakes in Macbeth (and rename it Duncan, since we’re telling what really happened).

No, I doubt I’ll ever write it; but it’s there, waiting, which could mean that Shakespeare is there as well, watching.

…as if having Ganeesh around wasn’t bad enough, now I’ve got William flippin’ Shakespeare…

…you do realize that I could write a heck of a play based on this alone? Huh.



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