Two Items of Interest

Casper thinks that Dr. Evil is a pansy.

I’m still battling… whatever this is (headcold on steroids is my best guess), but I have finally managed to start feeling a tad bit better. So that means I can get back to work, right?

Yeah, sure…

I’m procrastinating right now on finishing A Promise Made, and though when I started the procrastination process I had a good reason, for the life of me I can’t seem to remember what that solid reason was. Oh sure, I can complain about not having the right mindset for the protagonist (I’m not crazy, after all), in the end it just boils down to me not really wanting to write this story at the moment. I should finish writing it; it’s a great story so far. But… I’m going to sound petulant here, but I don’ wanna

I really, really want to work on Wraithkin. I can’t, I keep telling myself, because I have previous engagements.

It’s strange. I always thought I’d be horrible at writing short fiction. Actually, if you look at my early work in this category, I really was horrible. I didn’t grasp pacing, didn’t know quite how to start the short without bombarding the poor reader with back story. I went through boot camp (that’s what it felt like!!!) back in March and hey, look at that: I can write short fiction now. Well, I write decent short fiction. There’s always room for improvement, I believe.

Next subject of order…

It’s not as though Larry Correia needs the help, but his latest novel, Dead Six, is scheduled to be released next week. I enjoy Larry’s work immensely, but I’m posting a reminder to go out and buy this book because the book’s co-author, Mike Kupari, is currently deployed to Afghanistan disarming roadside bombs. Yep, that’s what the guy does for a living. Some writers did their “I was there” spiel in their bios (hint: I was in the safest place known to man when I was deployed… on board a US Navy vessel), but Mike Kupari is missing his debut release because he’s too busy preventing assholes from killing American soldiers. Seriously. He disarms IEDs.

So why wouldn’t you want to buy his book? It’s good, and best of all, it was written by a nice guy.

Can’t wait until next week? Well then, buy it here.


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