Burnt Marshmallow

A lot of people were probably expecting a 9/11 post from me. I decided that enough people were paying their respects so I saved my electrons.

Instead, I’m pimping the book (again). If you go here, you can find Corruptor on sale (print version) for only $11.89. That’s eight bucks cheaper than my publisher is offering it. That’s a great deal.

Also, Lawyers in Hell is available here for $16.29. That’s still cheaper than anywhere else and it’ll help get the next book in the series (Adventurers in Hell) on the bookshelves faster.

Oh, if you buy Corruptor, that’ll entice me to release Obliterator that much faster. Trust me, you’re going to want this book… To quote a great (fictional) man, I’m going to burn the world to stop one evil.

Burn it like a marshmallow.

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