Is This Thing On? Oh, Need To Twit That Tweet.

Sometimes you just gotta ask even if you already know the answer.

Did you know you can “brandmark” your book/publishing company/self with a hashtag on Twitter? I’ve been doing something similar with the hashtag #InHell on there, but you can do oh-so-much more is you really, really want to.

Good way to get the word out, right? Especially for new authors… you’d think everybody and their grandma would be using this. Hmmm…

No word on In the Shadow of Paradise yet, which is to be expected. I think I’ll hear something in about three weeks or so. I haven’t heard back about The Cold either yet, which is a little more surprising but again, not terribly bad. No other word about anything else, but then, I just worked about 44 hours the past four days. The only thing I’ve heard is my sanity as it ran screaming away and my sleep as it constantly complained.

Hopefully I’ll have more news this week about the status of various submissions. I’m looking forward to this being done, you know?


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